House Party 0.10.2 Released to Beta Testers

Hey guys!
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Here’s House Party 0.10.2 Beta.  This includes the conclusion of Stephanie’s story, and it is mostly voice acted.  We still have a few more lines to commission out, but for the most part, it’s all there.  We will be Beta testing over the next few days and decide whether or not we need another Beta version before we release a new stable release, but until then, enjoy!

‘Kỹ sư miệt vườn’ Trà Vinh chế tạo chiếc máy xe chỉ xơ dừa siêu năng suất
Saturday October 20, 2018

Anh Nghiêm Đại Thuận (42 tuổi, ở xã Đức Mỹ, huyện Càng Long) nổi tiếng khắp miệt vườn Trà Vinh khi chế tạo ra chiếc máy xe chỉ xơ dừa siêu năng suất. Sinh ra trong gia đình nghèo khó ở Sóc Trăng, 15 tuổi anh Thuận đã phải nghỉ học để

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You can now go “All the Way” with Stephanie in her ending
“Special Tutor” Added refinement to the 4 new endings, ensuring that failing any of Stephanie’s new quests won’t necessarily fail other quests
Added 5+ lines between Katherine and Stephanie (Some currently unvoiced.)
All around polish to the current state of Stephanie’s revamp–including Frank’s head-butt scene.
Added new voice acting for Stephanie, Katherine, Derek, Madison, and Frank
Added a new kitchen light
Added new standing lamps
Added a state where characters will not slow down when approaching their move target
Fixed a rare issue where the game would crash when loading the game
Fixed various bugs in Stephanie’s new story content
Fixed some areas where NPCs were getting stuck when pathfinding
Fixed an issue with the hand cursor where it would sometimes disappear
Added a response from Ashley if you give her beer before you “meet” her
Fixed an issue where Kat would drop dialogue if you ask her to take a nude photo and you haven’t used the Camera on the SD card yet, but they are both in your inventory
Beer pong balls return to the spawner/container area after being used after a short delay, regardless of if they miss or score
Added a help text radial option to give instructions for how to play
If the beer pong container does not detect that enough playable balls are present, it will spawn more upon starting a new practice session
Further tweaked handcursor grab collider + grab functionality to improve player’s ability to pick up small objects
Fixed an issue that was causing character state transitions to be logged incorrectly in the debug log

Ngập tràn hoa hậu ở Việt Nam, hỏi thật bạn nhớ được bao nhiêu?
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Hoa hậu Việt Nam và Hoa hậu Hoàn vũ Việt Nam là 2 cuộc thi được nhớ đến nhất. Kỳ Duyên: Khi tôi 50, 60 tuổi, mọi người vẫn gọi tôi là hoa hậu Tân Hoa hậu Trái Đất 2017 bị chê già và kém sắc Màn diễn bikini “nảy

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