House Party 0.10.3 Released to Beta Testers

Hey Guys,
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Here’s House Party 0.10.3 Beta.  Lots of cool updates in this one including some of the new sex animations we are introducing into the pipeline.  We haven’t tweaked them out completely yet, but we left them enabled so you guys can get a taste.  Also, some Stephanie story fixes and some aesthetics.  Enjoy!

Bị chồng bỏ vì già, xấu, người phụ nữ đã trả thù ngoạn mục thế này!
Tuesday November 07, 2017

Sau khi lột xác thành công, người phụ nữ 43 tuổi bị chồng bỏ đã hút hồn một chàng cầu thủ điển trai kém mình tới 22 tuổi. Đằng sau trào lưu “lột xác” khiến dân mạng điên đảo Cô gái “lột xác” bốc lửa sau khi tăng 13kg Chàng

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Added new Missionary Sex Animations
Added new Doggiestyle Sex Animations
Added new Cowgirl Sex Animations
Adjusted Stephanie’s stories so as not to disrupt other opportunities
Any characters put into an indisposed state (like concuss or drunk) will now eventually return to normal
Added polish to all new content
Added new Staircase lamp
Added 2 new standing lamps
Added new frank lamp
Added new nightstand lamps
Added paint covered Stephanie
Added paint covered bag
Changed scene lighting
Changed hot tub reflections to be more accurate
Optimized post processing
Optimized/reduced performance on reflections
Fixed disappearing characters during sex scenes sometimes
Fixed some clothing clipping trough characters
Fixed a bug that was causing beer pong items to move or clip into each other upon loading a saved game
Beer pong balls can no longer be accidentally grabbed out of cups between scoring and resetting their position
Fixed a bug that allowed the player to become detached from the beer pong table and move around with partial and unexpected levels of camera control
Overwriting a save game will now properly overwrite or add to the Photos collection attached to that save
Debug Log now correctly Logs True/False Values for EventTriggers -> Set Enabled
Saving and Loading a game Named ‘1’, ‘2’, etc. that had pictures attached no longer causes a hangs or crashes on the Loading screen
Debug Log timestamps now shown in the in-game debug window
All debug log timestamps are now evenly formatted
Tweaked areas of the house that would force a change in character location due to excessive loitering, and these events are now logged in the debug log
Fixed typos in the UI

Kỷ luật nhóm nữ sinh dùng dép đánh bạn dã man ở Nghệ An
Wednesday November 08, 2017

Liên quan đến đoạn clip quay cảnh 3 nữ sinh tham gia đánh bạn không thương tiếc, Trung tâm GDTX huyện Diễn Châu (Nghệ An) đã quyết định Kỷ luật Cảnh cáo, ghi học bạ và cho nghỉ học trong vòng 3 ngày đối với nhóm nữ sinh nói trên.

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