House Party 0.11.1 Released to Beta Testers

Hey guys!
If you are already a Beta Patron or would would like to learn how to become one click here.
Here’s House Party 0.11.1.  This includes voice acting for all of the new story content (minus a few lines we had to retake), and a bunch of graphical updates, as well as some tweaks to Stephanie’s new model.
As we roll into the next sprint, we’ll be working on cleaning this up as much as we can, as well as fixing previous outstanding bugs, and also getting the project ready to fully support Achievements both on Steam and off.   We’ll also be implementing changes to the main story so players can choose to be play a male or female main character.

Phản cảm sách tham khảo nhảm nhí
Tuesday November 07, 2017

Dạy trẻ con yêu thiên nhiên, động vật nhưng lại có những trích dẫn ghê rợn. Bộ công cụ dạy tiếng Việt cho trẻ nhỏ, sách tham khảo nhưng lại minh họa bằng những hình ảnh mơ hồ, thiếu thực tế… Thu hồi truyện tranh lịch sử gây phản cảm

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First pass of achievements added for Original Story
Madison recovery mechanic and reward implemented for Madison’s Smooth Operator opportunity
Improved Madison’s follow behavior with the player during the finale of her Drunk and Disorderly
Decreased the chance that the closing of the sliding door would compromise her Drunk and Disorderly finale, or other content
Removed some duplicate lines and fixed several typos
Fixed an issue that would cause Derek to not attack the player based on choices made in Madison’s Smooth Operator opportunity
Tweaked the ability of the player to talk to Madison during certain WalkTo’s in her new content
Changed some vicinity and vision checks for Patrick as part of Madison’s new content
Added a missing “goodbye” response at the end of Madison’s Smooth Operator opportunity
Decreased the chance that Patrick would walk away from the player’s conversation about Sky Animals.
Sky Animal PTSD value reduced by 200.
Decreased the chance that the door close/lock sequence at the finale of Madison’s Smooth Operator opportunity would break the end of the content
Added a dialogue for Madison to let the player know she really, really meant it when she said she didn’t want to throw up at her own party
Ashley will not talk to the player about Sky Animals if Patrick is unconscious (still needs tweaking for in-combat states)
Added new Stephanie Model
Updated Stephanie’s Avatar Photo
Upgraded to Unity 2018
Completely revamped user input to be much smoother and consistent
Re-EQed Madison’s VA files to get them sounding closer to her older lines
Implemented groundwork for supporting playing the game as a female MC
Added Player Gender criteria to the Story Creator
Added hard wood floor to the downstairs area
Added new HD wall textures
Added new HD carpet textures
Upgraded some furniture to improved shaders for fabric
Added room dividers downstairs – Added new soda model
Added new path lining
Fixed small issues with madison and stephanie’s textures
Various material and texture tweaks
Kitchen now has more effective reflections
Added screen space reflections – adjusted bloom brightness
Improved shadow quality
Added shadow models to the ceiling lamps for more accurate shading
Fixed the dancing room’s floor not being properly aligned
Fixed an issue with light flickering
Added a “videoclip” to the dancing room tv screen
Fixed an issue where Stephanie’s stomache would become invisible when her dress was removed
Updated the glass material on the sliding door to be more visible
Removed stephanie’s hair shimmering – Fixed a spacing issue in the credits
Lighting updates all around – Added laxative model to replace eyedrops
Fixed color mismatch on the tv cabinet.
Fixed Frank’s shirt disappearing under certain viewing angles
Hand cursor tweaks

“Siêu vòng 1” Kate Upton lấy chồng siêu giàu là cầu thủ bóng chày
Sunday November 05, 2017

Siêu mẫu Kate Upton lấy chồng lớn hơn 9 tuổi, kiếm hàng trăm triệu USD mỗi năm. Tân Hoa hậu Trái Đất 2017 bị chê già và kém sắc Màn diễn bikini “nảy lửa” của top 45 Hoa hậu Hoàn vũ Việt Nam Lộ diện top 45 tài sắc lọt

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