House Party 0.11.2 Released to Beta Testers

Hey guys,
If you are already a Beta Patron or would would like to learn how to become one click here.
Here’s House Party 0.11.2 Beta!  Mostly tweaks and fixes in this version, and Madison’s reward system is working.  We also tweaked out some of the other character’s dialogues so that if you have negative interactions with them, it’s less forgiving in terms of their relationship status with you, however, you can now redeem yourself by completing Madison’s Smooth Operator quest.
There are also a few new sex animations in this version (though they still need some tweaking).  We’ll have them polished up by next week’s build, which is slated as a stable release.
We’ve also got some new redesigned models coming in.  To date, we’ve got Rachael, Amy, Brittney, and Vickie in addition to Stephanie, so we’ll be implementing those in the coming weeks as well.

Thursday January 01, 1970


Khám phá du lịch tâm linh ở Phú Quốc
Tuesday October 23, 2018

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Added new cunnilingus animations
Added new oral sex animations (still needs some tweaking)
Added a “freehand” mode to the hand-cursor where it can be moved without moving the camera
Tweaked throwing physics
Added “Laxative” model
Tweaked Madison’s textures
Tweaked Stephanie’s new model some more
Fixed a “sparkly” issue with Stephanie’s hair
Updated Stephanie’s texture for more shadow and equal detail
Improved Stephanie’s hair and her dress cloth physics
Enabled crouching when “soft” UI elements are on the screen like messages and opportunity notifications
Fixed an issue with Madison repeating her Congrats Walk to the player
Improved the logic behind madison approaching the player about being such a social fucking butterfly
Somewhat improved the interaction between the player, Ashley, and Patrick as they XOXO Gossip Girl behind Madison’s back, as well as Madison’s dramatic introduction
Fixed an issue that was causing a response from the player to Patrick and Ashley to be miniaturized
Slider door will now auto-unlock after a few seconds following the end of Madison’s Drunk and Disorderly so that NPCs who may be going through the door don’t bounce off it like a super dumb looking bird
Giving Madison’s phone to her first will no longer result in being unable to pursue her Smooth Operator opportunity
Player can now fail Madison’s Smooth Operator opportunity if they insist on being a jerk multiple times and opt for no take-backsies
Fixed opportunity debug logging issue with ‘A Change of Heart’ and ‘Humiliate Ashley’ when they are first received
Fixed a typo with “dupster” -> “dumpster” and “therer” -> “there” in Madison’s dialogue
Fixed an issue where making Frank wait too long outside will break the interaction
Fixed an issue where the CenterOfHotTub waypoint was not actually in the center of the hot tub
Fixed an issue where blendshapes were not firing correctly in custom stories
Fixed an issue with intimacy not ending properly in custom stories
Fixed an issue with the camera being misaligned to the player after getting up off of beds and chairs
Fixed an input mapping issue with the Run and Interact keys
Fixed an issue where the player couldn’t click on something in their inventory while sitting or in coitus
Fixed an issue where characters don’t emote or lip sync in custom stories
Fixed an issue where characters can get stuck in walls in custom stories
Added a “IntimacyPartner” criteria to the Custom Story Creator
Changed Custom Story Creator so it only exports stories as a whole, and not individually per character
Fixed an issue where “destination reached” events were not firing in custom stories correctly
Added new criteria to check whether a character is using an action item to CSC
Added new criteria to check if an action item is currently being used to CSC
Added new criteria to check if a character is engaged in intimacy with another or any to CSC
Added correct logging for SendText and TalkTo events
Fixed an issue where “Apply Story” was exporting stories in the old formats
Re-EQed Madison, Brittney, and Stephanie’s Voice Acting Files so they are consistent throughout
Fixed an issue with rare cases of the game sometimes crashing when starting a new game
Fixed a null-ref that could happen sometimes when removing an item from the inventory with the console

Soi kèo West Ham vs Tottenham: 2h45 ngày 01/11, League Cup
Tuesday October 30, 2018

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