House Party 0.12.0 Released to Alpha Testers

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Hey guys,
Here’s House Party 0.12.0.  It’s one of our most content-packed updates to date.  As you can tell from the screenshot above, all of the character models have been reworked.  Most of them are not 100% finished or still need tweaking, so you will notice some odd hair movement at times and possibly small artifacts, and some are on iterations of revisions and not the final models yet.  However, you will notice much more detail in the skin, hair, eyes, and pores.  We are using subsurface scattering shaders as well, so the light reacts to the skin and eyes much more realistically.  Eventually they will all be getting a wardrobe “upgrade” as well.
There’s a brand new Madison story (which we think is one of our most fun stories to date) as well, and 7 new achievements.  
We’ll be adding optimization and polish to this version over the next few weeks to roll it into beta before we move on to our next cycle, which will center around Patrick’s character.

Hốt hoảng vì lần đầu hẹn hò, bạn trai đã đem theo bao cao su
Monday November 06, 2017

Tâm sự của cô gái gây ra cuộc tranh cãi lớn trong cộng đồng mạng. Vợ phát hiện sự thật cay đắng trong lần đi mua bao cao su cho chồng Bấn loạn vì chiếc bao cao su bỗng dưng biến mất khỏi ví chồng Trai ế 32 tuổi gây

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Added new Madison Main Story Content
Added Opportunity: The Muse
Added Opportunity: Artsy Fartsy
Added Opportunity: Like a French Girl
Added Opportunity: Magnum Opus
Added over 450 new lines of dialogue, player responses, thought bubble narrative, and item “flavor” text”
Added new Rachel model
Added new Brittney model
Added new Vickie model
Added new Katherine model (Unfinished)
Added new Madison model (Unfinished)
Added new Patrick model
Added new Ashley model
Added new Derek model
Added new Amy model (Unfinished)
Improved Rachael’s clothing
Created new particle effect for male ejaculate
Added rigs to all character hair to add dynamic movement
Added new Camera model
Added new Broom model
Added new Recorder model
Replaced fence model
Added new Speaker model
Added empty canvas texture to the easel
Added new solo cup model
Added new ping pong ball model
Added whale poster model
Added new animation for “posing with hands behind head”
Added new animation for “posing with hands behind back”
Tweaked out and fine-tuned a lot of animations
Added new mechanics to better align sex with Player and NPC/NPC
Added Pixel censor to replace the billboard nudity censor
Fixed issue with Katherine “duplicate responses” when asking about her h4ck1ng 5k1ll5. This can now be asked any time the “Vickie Vixen” opportunity is In Progress (discovered through Rachael OR Derek)
Fixed description of the Ice Bath achievement in-game to match the Steam description
Router in the study closet will now actually seem to turn on and stay on after being toggled during Dare Interference
Removed all Response Routes from Original Story (Depreciated)
Refactored and renamed almost all Event Triggers for the characters in the Original Story
Fixed an issue that would prevent Stephanie from losing her “Female Lay 2” pose upon loading a Saved Game in which she was previously “star gazing”
Fixed an issue that may lead to odd “climax on Katherine” dialogue behavior in certain situations
Player can now loot the camera from Frank if he is unconscious and have given the camera to Frank as part of the “Look at this Photograph!” opportunity(edited)
Player can now loot a small part of their “beer investment” (randomized) back from Frank if they find a way render him unconscious and have finished “Frankly I Don’t Trust You”(edited)
Player can now loot the Merlot or chardonnay (random) back from Frank if they manage to render him unconscious and have already given him both of these wine items
Fixed a few typos in Stephanie’s story.
Added criteria to various characters to prevent certain interactions from being available while they were unconscious.
Made katherine’s exit from the bed post-intimacy to the master bedroom floor and her subsequent application of clothing somewhat more graceful. Or, at least what we call graceful. Don’t you dare grace-shame us.
Added a few redundant safeguards to Katherine’s Phone2 behavior to address possible niche cases of it not being enabled at various times when the player needs to interact with her about the microwave.
Fixed issue with missing Character2 reference when naming CompareTypes.Socialcriteria
Player’s acrobatic skills are lost when in combat, preventing him from shimmying up the gutter if someone takes a swing at him (Original Story only)
Player will now fail Ashley: Smooth Operator if she catches them plotting against her (before Humiliate Ashley) when talking to Madison. This replaces a possibly erroneous reference to Dare Interference(edited)
To set apart the new Madison content rewards from the old, certain dialogues relating to intimacy post-Humiliate Ashley have had their wording and criteria adjusted. New and old intimacy content can still be experienced in one playthrough

Nghi phạm tống tiền nhiều đại biểu Quốc hội khai ‘nghiện quá hóa liều’
Saturday October 20, 2018

Thiếu tiền tiêu xài, Ngô Xuân Tùng nảy sinh ý định tống tiền ĐBQH. Nam thanh niên mua cuốn Niên giám Quốc hội rồi nhắn tin đe dọa 100 người. Đồng thời, Tùng thuê Lê Văn Thành mở tài khoản ngân hàng để bị hại chuyển tiền.  Zing đưa tin, ngày 19/10,

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