House Party 0.12.1 Released to Beta Testers

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Hey guys,
Here’s House Party 0.12.1.  We mostly focused on story stuff this past week, so there is still a lot of optimization that will be happening over the next couple of weeks.  There are still several new character models that are not finalized yet, and we are still working out a lot of kinks with the hair movement, and we will be redesigning the shader for the hair as well to create a more realistic effect.  We also have a lot of optimization that is yet to be done to the new features, so expect lower than usual frame-rates.
This version is fully voice-acted though, and we’ve handled a lot of story bugs, as well as regression issues with the new content.  We’ll be polishing things up for possibly one more Beta, and then the stable release.  Enjoy!

Parental Love – Version 0.11 & Incest Patch
Thursday May 02, 2019

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Added voice acting for Madison, Derek, Frank, Patrick, Amy, Katherine, Ashley, and Stephanie
Added seven new achievements based on both new Madison content and pre-0.12.x content
Added Auto-Save Functionality
Added option to turn off subtitles
Hid Vickie’s nipple rings correctly when her shirt is on
Fix some clipping with Derek and Katherine’s skin through clothing
Improved Brittney’s skinning
Optimized character meshes
Created dynamic bikini straps for Rachael
Improved lighting on the characters
Updated textures for Amy, Katherine and Madison
Added new Steam achievement images
Added (currently unused) beat up versions of Frank and Patrick)
Added new wooden deck texture
Tweaked hair shader for several characters
Tweaked ejaculation effect
Added new mirror texture + groundwork for realtime mirrors
Added new ingame achievement images
Reduced some texture sizes for better performance
Added flaccid state to genitalia for Derek, Frank and Patrick
Addressed a discrepancy with the inspect text for the easel and painting, if the Player has progressed through some or all of Like a French Girl
Fixed an issue that was preventing the penguin deity from ceasing its possession of Madison
Fixed an issue with Derek’s “locked outside the art room” timer that could cause him to warp inside and use an inappropriate dialogue line under specific circumstances
The laxatives will now be disabled if the Player uses them with the soda or rum prior to adding the laxatives to their inventory
Stephanie will more accurately use the appropriate dialogues at various times when the Player “fully exposes” themselves to her
Addressed an issue that could allow Rachael to roam away from the Player during several of her more ‘daring’ dares
Rachael should more consistently close and lock the door prior to her self-pleasuring dare in Spare Room 2
Corrected an issue that could cause Madison’s dialogue chain to break when bringing up certain Humiliate Ashley-related intimacy actions
Adjusted availability of a few of Derek’s response offerings based on what’s going on with Amy and her Scavenger Hunt
 Added additional dialogue paths regarding the Quest for Derek’s Shirt (this is just what we call it), depending on various actions taken during and after Madison’s new content
Fixed an issue with a misplaced Amy response when starting her Scavenger Hunt quest
Changed sort order for an important new Madison response option
The player is no longer confused about using thought bubbles vs. center screen text messages when inspecting certain items in Madison’s new content
Added small buffer to a thoughtbubble or two in the new Madison content to prevent players from missing/being unable to read them
Misc. typos fixed
Extended the amount of time it will take for Derek to let himself back into the spare room 2/art room after you “trick him” in Madison’s new content
Added thought bubble to help guide players through Derek’s frantic actions (caused by you tricking him) immediately before starting “Like a French Girl”
Derek is now so interested in what’s going on during “Like a French Girl” that he will take a knee, offending not only you, but the Home Owner’s Association, National Frank-lovers League, and President of the Town of <SORRY THIS CONTENT IS NOT YET FINISHED>. Player is penalized with -3 stamina
Added some additional protections against various 0.9.x, 0.10.x, and 0.11.x content interfering with certain portions of the new Madison content
Stephanie now has at least a generic reaction when she catches the player having sex
Added extra fluff dialogues here and there (that were previous disconnected/unused)
Minor tweaks to Madison’s behavior during “Magnum Opus”
The “special ending” to Madison’s new intimacy scene is no longer easily left as the “default ending”. Now with 100% more special!
Tweaked a few unvoiced/misc. lines from several NPCs to direct dialogue to themselves so that they do not walk off or turn to speak to the wrong person at inappropriate times
Fixed an issue that could cause Amy to be left unable to roam, without saying anything, in certain situations after her “Sculpture Review”
Made certain “helpful” thought bubbles a little less vague, or more concise
Madison will no longer react with her default reaction to the Player’s fully exposed body during “Magnum Opus”
Addressed an issue that could prevent the Player from asking Katherine about her ability to hack phones under certain circumstances
Addressed an issue that could prevent the Player from asking Stephanie for their hard-earned $50 if multiple other characters delivered dialogue between starting the intimacy scene and completing it.
Addressed an issue that was mixing up inspect texts on the new and glorious painting in the spare room 2/art room
Addressed an issue that would prevent the Player from using specific responses with Stephanie that were critical to The Candyman Can opportunity
Minor tweaks to when (DialogueStart vs. DialogueClose) a few movement events are sent to a handful of characters
Ashley will no longer join the “Art Show” as part of Madison’s new content if she is topless or naked
Fixed an issue that could result in Katherine’s glasses appearing as a selectable item, especially when seemingly detached from her actual glasses
Corrected a missing event link for one of the new achievements
Player can no longer get Rachael into the master bedroom for sexy fun at highly inopportune moments during many parts of Madison’s new content
Player can no longer get Katherine into the master bedroom for sexy fun at highly inopportune moments during many parts of Madison’s new content
All new items added to the Original Story should now count towards the Inspector Achievement
Added in an additional dialogue response to “force move” characters who were lacking a dialogue, item, or event-based method of getting to move elsewhere (subject to different criteria for each character)
Adjusted the timing of a few fluff events in Madison’s new content
Fixed an issue that was preventing Rachael from going to the spare room 2/art room to pleasure herself, specifically in 0.12.0
Rachael’s initial dialogue upon receiving a spoofed dare text is now directed at herself instead of the player
Fixed aspects of Derek’s “The Muse” perk that were not functioning as intended
Tweaked timing of certain events between High and Dry and Like a French Girl to minimize chances of breakage
Changed availability of certain Madison lines while moving through her new content that either seem out of place in that context, or would risk buggy behavior
Small adjustments to inspect texts relevant to 0.12.x content
Madison should be less hateful to the player if they make a mistake that would normally trigger her to go and get Frank, IF they have Derek’s “The Muse” perk unlocked
Added ability to Copy/Paste criteria in the Custom Story Creator
Added “InFrontOfEasel” Move Target
Added new GameEvent for canceling combat. This will remove the combat state and combat target from a given character without knocking them out, etc. Will not prevent the specified character from resuming combat IF another character is currently engaging them in combat
Added protection against specific Load Game failure that could occur if temporary files were not properly handled when loading a game that had photos associated with it
Slightly tweaked help/response text for a couple of console commands
Added Unstuck console command. This will help free characters who become stuck in walls, characters, or…other characters. Ew. This command does not disable achievements

Seducing The Devil – Version 0.6
Tuesday March 19, 2019

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Download PES Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 Game
Thursday February 07, 2019

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