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Cyndy: A Porn Adventure – Version 0.4

Release date: 12 December 2018
Tags: 2d game  big tits, 3d game, Big Ass, management, Oral, vaginal
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Dreambig Games
Language : English
File size: 507 MB


Cyndy: A porn adventure is about Cyndy and you. You are a small town crook making a living by robing drunk people in the local bar. Cyndy, a gold digger who went a bit too far with her sugar daddy and ended up abandoned in your town. Events have brought you together and you see in Cyndy your chance to strike big .
Fixed Cyndy and Kiara dancing after 23;59 ( they used to get stuck in the bar )
Changed the game resolution system. Now you can choose from all the available resolutions that your PC / laptop can play.
Choose between Fullscreen and Windowed and then choose from all the available settings. If it looks good , hit the DONE button.
These settings will be then saved for all the subsequent game starts too.
Fixed Sound bugs that were causing the soundtracks to overlap on the main map ( town area )
Fixed sounds being too loud in movies.
Fixes and balances regarding the project income you get ( raised the money you get for movies, photo shoots, strip dancing )
Fixed a bug that was causing Cyndy not to be available for movies after the first movie with her.
Fixed Sound Levels, now all sounds are at similar levels so once you set your volume you should no longer have problems with loud sounds.
New Content:
Added 3 dates/ events with Aiko. 140 images in total for her events. All the events need some actions to be triggered: the First action is to have a look in your laptop, “Local Adverts” and look at the Sugar daddy advert.
This will open the seducing options for Aiko. Once you score with her will reach 70 you can take her out for dinner. after that, reach 80 and you can take her on a day trip. You will need tickets for this, and you can get them from the drunks in the bar toilet.
You will also need 2 items in your inventory, a dress, and a bikini. You can get them from the sex shop. Once you have those, you can go and Aiko will keep them for future.
The third event is a night at a luxury swingers club. You will need to buy the tickets ( expensive ones ), and buy her a designer dress. Once this event is completed
, Aiko will be ready for porn movies and you can make movies containing these events. Aiko will take a cut from the income ( 30% of what you get ).
Opened up the sex shop, here you will be able to buy props and use them in movies. Some of them are used if used once, some are used up if used multiple times. While not all the props will be visible in movies or photo shoots, they will give you a bonus income
for the projects, they were used on.
Now you get a bonus for the number of actors that appear in your projects, the more the better.
New Functions / Remake of the old ones
I’ve added a PANIC function ( I’ve stolen the idea from INCETON GAMES  )–> Hit SHIFT+ENTER ( at the same time )
and the game will save and exit to Windows. You can then load the game from the load menu at Game start page: Panic SAVE button.
You could use this as a fast save function, as it will not write over your previous saves.
I’ve created a “How to play” menu. It can be found either on the Main Menu or in Escape Menu. This will be a game guide, help page and ranting about the future of the game.

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