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Meet the New House Party Characters!

Hey guys!
We’re proud to announce the news that we’ve officially concluded our contest for our new character additions to the House Party game! What that means for all of you is, NEW CHARACTERS!
In case you haven’t heard, we ran a contest this past month, and the two winners were selected to have their likeness included in the House Party game.
In the male category, the Game Grumps won the contest by a landslide, and in the female category, Lety Does Stuff was the winner! We are going to start work immediately on crafting 3D models in their likeness, and we will be collaborating with them on their story, and working out the fine details so we can bring all of this new content to life!
The contest was supposed to be for one male and one female winner, but we since we like the Game Grumps so much, we decided to add them BOTH to the game!
Check out the Game Grumps 20-episode series on House Party starting here:

You can also visit Lety Does Stuff’s site, and check her out here:
In addition to these characters, we also have a new original character that will be joining the cast that will be a key part of being able to play as a female main character when it becomes available! So that’s a total of FOUR new characters coming very soon to the game!
We will also be opening up a new contest in the near future that will be exclusively for our supporters on Patreon to vote on. More details on that to come!
Lots of awesome stuff happening! Thank you guys so much for making all of this possible, and thanks so much for your ongoing support. Without the support of this community, a lot of this wouldn’t be possible.
Much love,
The Eek! Team

Dev Blog House Party

House Party Fully Uncensored on Steam? What’s the Deal?

A lot of people have been asking about House Party and how we are handling Steam’s new rules surrounding adult content.  It’s been a crazy ride for House Party.  Originally, the game was accepted on Steam as is, only to later be forced to censor some aspects of the game.  Now it seems like Steam is taking a well-overdue new approach to games with sex and sexual themes in them, and allowing them on their platform, but there are still a lot of things to consider for us.  After much deliberation, we present to you, our latest DLC patch!

We live in strange time where people are super scared of boobs, vaginas, and penises, especially in America where I live.  While it’s awesome that Steam is taking a better approach to this, people in this country still seem to happily consume and embrace all types of violence and gore, and still lose their shit when they see a naked body.  There’s still a negative stigma attached to anything that is deemed “over the line” when it comes to sex and sexual themes, especially with games in particular, whereas violence and gore seem to have no limit.
That being said, flipping the switch and making House Party completely uncensored comes with a price of a new “AO (Adult Only)” rating on Steam.  This rating is applied ONLY to games with overly sexual content, but NOT to games of overly violent or gory content ::sigh::.  The problem with getting this rating on Steam, is that it actively hides your game by default, and it becomes less visible on the store and to consumers.  Even though this is a step in the right direction, games are still being penalized for having sexual content in them, and rewarded for gratuitous violence.
It’s not just Steam that this happens on mind you.  If you take a look at Twitch’s Prohibited games list, they claim they are “protecting the integrity of their service” from violence and gore as well as sexualy themed content, but if you look closely at the “list”, they only enforce the latter.  Granted, Twitch has every right to prohibit whatever they want on their service, but they are neither fair nor honest about how they go about it, and their values are really screwed up.  Under the guise of “protecting their integrity”, they are trying to parent you and control what you should and should not see, and they hold on to this ridiculous caveman notion that sex is somehow taboo, and violence, murder and gore are super awesome!  Not only that, but they are flat out lying when they say they police both violence and sexual themes, when they only really care about the latter of those things.  Show me one game that was banned on Twitch for being too violent?  They are perfectly fine with broadcasting horrifically violent and gory games like GTA5, Friday the 13th and Call of Duty.  The list goes on and on, but they ban games that have any sort of sexual themes, yet make exceptions for games that they make a lot of money on like Witcher 3, Conan Exiles or even South Park, where characters are graphically probed by giant alien anal dildos.  Not only that, but House Party has an in-game option for full censorship, which puts the game completely within Twitch’s guidelines, yet it’s still banned.  What it boils down to, is that Twitch is only interested in being the moral arbiter over what’s acceptable, imposing their beliefs on to you, and deciding FOR you what you can and cannot see based on their subjective morality, which is pretty messed up to begin with.  Of course, the exception is that if the content in question is making them a lot of money, they will completely abandon all of their “principals”.  We, as gamers, are responsible adults, and the choice of what games we choose to play and watch others play should be ours and not, respectively, the Twitches of the world.  Let the gamers choose what they wish to see and play, not some “moral” authority.
As a side note, let’s also make it clear;  I have nothing against violent video games.  I think both sex and violence are completely OK topics for a video game and for all works of fiction in general.  I am just trying to draw attention to the hypocrisy and sort of, well… backwards thinking where somehow we ended up brainwashing ourselves as a society into thinking that naked bodies are somehow worse than murder!  But I digress…
House Party has been an amazing success so far.  For those of you who know House Party, the game is much more than a “sex simulator”.  It’s a comedy at its core with all kinds of splitting story-lines where your decisions matter and change the direction and outcome of the story.  Sure it’s garnered attention for being one of the first games to be as brazen as it is about its sexual themes, but that’s not ALL the game is about.  There’s so much more to it, and by being hidden behind an AO rating on Steam, we would lose our visibility, lose sales, and ultimately possibly not be able to carry on as a studio.  With our new success comes more employees, more contractors, and more expenditures as we try to grow as a studio and we try to make this game and future games the best they can be.  We can’t really afford to take a hit in visibility even though we think it’s ridiculous that we have to live in a world where these double-standards exist.
Our solution has been to release this new DLC add-on for House Party that will be completely free, and that will lift the censors in the core game and make the House Party game whole again on Steam.  The core House Party game will remain censored and “suitable” for all audiences, and the DLC content will be marked as “AO” and take the hit in visibility.  We’ve cleared this approach with Steam, and they are happy with it as well.  Anybody who purchased House Party in the past, will be able to download this DLC for free, and anybody purchasing House Party will see the option to include the DLC content if you set your user preferences to not treat you like a child.
As always, we thank all of you for your continued support, and we look forward to continue to work on House Party as we bring it out of Early Access and toward full release, and we look forward to bringing you more games in the future!
Bobby and the Eek! Games Team.

Dev Blog House Party

House Party Celebrates Over 300,000 Sales in its First Year!

Hey everybody,
It’s me, Bobby.  I don’t make too many posts to the dev blog these days as I’m super busy with working on the game and managing the company, but I just wanted to make this post myself to announce that House Party, in its first year, has sold over 300,000 copies!  On top of that, the game has held a “Very Positive” review rating on Steam throughout the entire year.  I am so thankful that my silly little idea has brought such laughter and entertainment to so many people.
What an amazing ride it’s been. I started House Party in early 2015.  There I was, just a solo dev trying to do something different; something that’s never been done before.  Creating a full-on 3D game by yourself is no easy task, and I had to learn a lot about game development and graphics.  These were things that me, being a programmer, knew little about.  Taking on a project of this magnitude however, I got a crash course.  Of course I didn’t do things correctly the first time around, and in some cases, not even the second time around.  There was a lot of trial and error.
Eventually I got something that sort of resembled a game, and I created a Patreon account.  I was so amazed by how quickly people started supporting the project and getting behind my idea.  By early 2017, I had several hundred supporters!  Then in February of that same year, something crazy happened.
I saw a video go up from a YouTuber by the name of TurkVanGogH GameZ, and he was playing MY game!  A week later, another streamer called Kubz Scouts was playing it!  Then another streamer and all-around cool guy, MeatyLock was playing my game!  Captain Sauce, Gloom, MattShea, JackSepticEye, Azzyland, Pewdiepie!  Holy shit, my game was everywhere! 
The game wasn’t ready though!  I had SO much work to do before it was going to be ready.  I didn’t want to miss this opportunity however, so I pushed to release the game in Early Access on Steam, even though it was still very premature.  The initial reception was amazing, and the game sold well over 30,000 copies in its first several weeks.
Then we had the Steam removal incident, and I thought maybe that was the end.  I figured this roller-coaster ride was over!  Steam was being super cool about it though, and we talked it out and came to an agreement of how the game could be modified so that they could sell it on the Steam store, and within days, the game was back up and running.  Of course, it’s removal and return prompted all kinds of media attention and articles and just buzz in general, so the game was selling like crazy again!
I figured I should hire a team.  I wanted to put the money I was making back into this product to make it the game I wanted it to be.  The game was still so buggy, un-optimized, and well… ugly!  I’ve since hired three 3D modelers, a QA, a Manager of Operations, and a writer.  We became a team of seven, and we diligently pushed out updates to the game almost monthly, and continue to do so on a regular basis.
The game has made leaps and bounds since it’s Early Access release.  We still have a lot to do.  In fact the game was in such infancy when it started getting popular that some of the YouTubers playing the game were just poking fun at how awful the game was.  They were right, but people also saw potential in what the game could be.  Today, it’s running, playing, and looking SO much better, and my awesome team is committed to making it the best it can be!  More recently, we have had even more really influential YouTubers picking up the game such as Nerd Cubed, Achievement Hunters, Game Grumps, and Just Greg.  The list goes on and on.  And that brings us to today, where we’re celebrating over 300,000 sales of the game since that Early Access launch.  Just amazing.  I am so thankful to every single one of you who bought a copy of the game and supported me on Patreon.  My team and I are dedicated to keeping up with those updates, and are also working on a new project we are slated to start later this year.
To All of Our Supporters:
Thank you guys SO much!  I never dreamed that when I started this project, I would be sitting here announcing this milestone.  You have made it possible for me to devote myself to this hobby project and really shape and mold this into something.  I am no longer a solo indie developer because of you.  Eek! Games is now a team of developers, all of whom are lending their talents and molding a shoddy alpha product into an actual game.  You all made that happen, and for that I am eternally grateful.  Because of you, we are now working with Take One Motion Capture Studios who are most famous for the Witcher 3 animations, and several other AAA titles.  We are also working hands on with Unity, and utilizing their business services to help optimize and enhance the game.  And most recently, we’ve started working with Mimic Productions, who are most famous for their work on the Avatar movie, and they will be helping us to give the characters a once-over, and bring the best user-experience that we can to House Party.
To all the Haters:
Of course, no success can be had without hate.  And boy, oh boy do we have haters.  There have been people who have attacked the game over the course of the last year, called for its removal from Steam, called for it to be banned, and have made assumptions and said hateful things about the game and about me for developing it.  It blows my mind the double-standard we have where so many television shows, ripe with sex and in a lot of cases, much more adult-themed nature air on television unchecked, but my game, just because it’s a video game, and involves cartoons having sex, received such controversy.  We also have SO many games already with gratuitous violence and mass-murder, but I showed a penis, so clearly I’m out of my mind.
The game has also been called misogynistic, and so in turn, I must be misogynistic (despite the game containing gay scenes and both women and men in empowering positions as well as submissive).  Some of the people saying these things call themselves “journalists” and “critics”, and it amazes me that they can hold such titles while at the same time being so one-sided, closed minded and oblivious.  This game is first and foremost, a comedy.  Every scenario in the game is meant to be funny and absurd, and also lead to some type of debauchery.  Why shouldn’t we have a game that simulates walking into a group of people you just met and exposing yourself or acting like a complete ass?  We make that the player’s choice in House Party, and allow the player to see the consequences that come from being that guy, or by taking the nice guy route.  That’s what fiction is about.  It’s meant to be offensive sometimes, and portray fantasy scenarios that nobody would ever repeat or mimic in reality.  The very last way that this game should be taken, is seriously.   Maybe I’m just taking it for granted, because it comes so naturally for me, to separate reality from fiction, that this should be obvious… or maybe I just expect too much.
Mind you, I can take a bad review, and you can tell me my game is unfunny, badly written, badly programmed, badly optimized, and whatever else, all day long.  I can respect a review like that, and I even agree, as I mentioned earlier, that I have a lot more work to do on this title.  There have been many positive reviews of the game also, and some negative reviews that were totally fair.  However, I have to question the mindset of somebody when they make blanket judgement and assumptions about me, my team, and the 300,000+ people who purchased my game, a work of fiction intended as comedy.  I don’t really even need to defend myself from a statement like that because it comes off so arrogant and “holier than thou”.  Honestly, I should probably thank these people for giving the game any attention whatsoever, because their coverage contributed to the game’s success, but at the same time I know that these people meant for the opposite to happen and wanted this game to fail, but failed to understand that not everybody thinks like they do, and so the reverse happened, and the game became a success despite their best efforts.
Look guys, I just like to make funny games, and I will continue to make games based around what I think is funny.  I’m not making any political statements, or exposing recesses of my depraved psyche.  I’m just having fun writing a game about being trapped in a house with a bunch of psychopaths in absurd situations and all the while trying to score.  That’s funny to me, and that’s as deep as it goes, sorry.  If you can’t handle that, that’s on you.  Unfortunately for you however, thanks to the success of our Early Access launch, you’ll be seeing a lot more from Eek! Games in the near future!  Cheers!