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Ann’s School Days – Version 0.3

Release date: 2 November 2018
Tags: 3DCG, Bdsm, Incest, Lesbian, Straight
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Mobum
Language : English
File size: 1.3 GB

In this game you can taste a bit of Ann and Kira’s school days.. Playtime will be less than 10 minutes, like previous work (Lisa’s special day), but because of the time consumed for animation rendering, it took quiet a while for me to make this. (Officially it is not yet finished, so let’s just say it is ver. 0.1)
I am planning to quit making fan-games and start my own project, so if there is anybody who likes my work and want to join the new project, please let me know. Coding, writing, rendering, proofreading, anything.. At this moment I am thinking of free-roaming RPG style game, or continuing ASD (After getting rid of two BB characters from the game..)

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