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Peasant’s Quest – Version 1.61

Release date: 1 May 2019
Tags: 3DCG, Adventure, All Sex, Anal, Big Ass, Big Boobs, Big Tits, Blowjob, Cum in mouth, Doggystyle, Fantasy, Fingering, Giantess, Hardcore Sex, Male Hero, Masturbation, Milf, Monster Girl, Monsters, RPG, Seduced, Sexy Girls, Tits fuck, Warrior
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Tinkerer
Language : English
File size: 1.8 GB [Win/Mac]

It’s an Adult RPG game set in a medieval fantasy world, where you play a farmer’s son on his quest to make a name for himself, and perhaps rescue a few damsels in distress along the way.
– 140+ new images
– 6 new adult scenes
– 1 new character (Rosy)
– floor sections for 2 new building and and map sections for a new underground location
– 5 new enemies to battle
– 3 new resources: wheat, flour and eggs
– New item to craft: (special) pastry
– 6 quests
– Added spirit potion point for Erevi’s daughter at the waterfall
– Attack spells (lightning and fire blast) have been nerfed slightly.
– Bugfixes and minor improvements

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Animation Beautiful Ass Big Tits Doggystyle Erotic Adventure Fantasy Hardcore Sex Male Protagonist Non-Incest Games RPG Seduction Sexy Girl Warrior

Vikings Daughter – Version 0.13.0

Release date: 9 December 2018
Tags: Animation, Beautiful Ass, Big Tits, Doggystyle, Erotic Adventure, Fantasy, Hardcore Sex, Male Protagonist, RPG, Seduction, Sexy Girl, Warrior
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: FlyRenders
Language : English
File size: 1 GB [Win] 1.1 GB [Mac]

A village lies abandoned, its people either killed or taken by a rival clan! You, a smith’s son visiting to deliver some weapons, are roped into getting them back by the chief’s beautiful daughter. Explore the land, become a renowned warrior and find plenty of women to take to your bed along the way!
Viking’s Daughter is an adult RPG with beautiful 3D graphics set in the time of the Vikings.
NSFW & Animations
Added a new NSFW scene with Rose.
Added soft body physics and face expressions to Rose.
Added more animations for the Dalla’s NSFW scene.
You can adjust the speed of some of the NSFW scenes from the UI. This feature is currently available if you play the scene with Rose.
Changed the male’s sleep animation.
Characters / Models
New slave character + new clothes, eye models and hair. Her name is Nicole and she is a slave coming from North Africa. You cannot interact with her in this build.
Changed the scale of Rose, she is shorter now.
Finished working on a system that will allow us to easily create weapons and items in the future.
Added the bow and sword in the inventory.
Added gold currency.
Finished working on a system that gives items or currency rewards from the quests and set up the bow and sword reward.
Reworked the weapon switcher script, you can press a key to equip a weapon and its icon will be highlighted in the equipment inventory. You can also drag change the slot of the item by dragging and dropping it into another slot or inventory.
New inventory UI (includes bag, equipped items and slave inventory). Press “I” to open.
Added game controls, you can open the menu to see every key that performs a certain action in the game. The controls window can be accessed from the main menu or if you are in game, you can press ESC – > Controls.
Added icons for the slaves, currency, weapons and other items we are currently working on.
Save / Load
Small changes to the characters load system. If you load an old save that doesn’t have a saved data for a new character, it will load the default settings, without breaking the whole save.
Updated the dev-save file, you could load it from the main menu – Load Game -> Yes.
New dialogues with Dalla when she wakes you up in the middle of the night before the sex scene.
Improvements / Bug fixes
Players, who have low FPS, could experience a rare glitch, where the wolf pushes you through the ground and you fall down. Every 5 seconds we are checking if you are stuck below the island and if that happens, your position will be automatically reset, so you could keep playing with your current progress. To increase the performance, press ESC – Settings and decrease the grass intensity and turn off shadows.
Added “age” property to the slaves details.
Fixed a bug with the Hilde missionary scene, where the camera moved forward more than it should be. This bug can only be replicated if your OS language is reversing the dot and comma “.” “,” (most of the Eastern European languages).
Fixed a bug with the Hilde missionary scene dialogues. The gentle route was missing one option and you got stuck in the scene.

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Four Elements Trainer – Version 0.7.4c – Update

Release date: 29 October 2018 
Tags: Adventure, All Sex, Avatar, Blowjob, Doggystyle, Fantasy, Interactive, Parody, Sexual Training, Sexy Girls, Small tits, Warrior
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Mity
Language : English
File size: 552 MB

Four Elements Trainer is a massive undertaking set in the universes of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, and will be four complete games all united into one. Along the way, you’ll find plenty of (fuckable!) characters, quests, stories, fights, and mysteries to unlock.
Tons of Bug fixes

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