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Hey Party People,
We know there’s been a lot of questions about when Dan and Arin will be headed for House Party.
Prepare your bodies, because we have the greenlight to begin production on the Game Grumps storyline. It’s happening, friends!
Everybody at Eek appreciates your patience while we got all our cocks in a row. Ducks…while we got all our ducks in a row.
As some of you might know, we’ve already entered production on LetyDoesStuff’s update, who was the female winner of the same contest the Game Grumps won. We won’t truly be starting on any Game Grumps content until Lety’s story is the BEST it can be. Working with Lety to create a killer storyline has been a lot of fun, and we look forward to doing the same with Dan and Arin just as soon as this current update is ready for release.
Seriously, we can’t wait for Dan and Arin to knock on Madison’s door and begin another fantastic chapter of House Party, and we know you can’t either.
Of course we want to know what you, the fans of House Party and Game Grumps, would like to see from this collaboration! Let us know your ideas in the comments below and we’ll make sure our team takes a look as we begin our storyboarding process.
Just no butt stuff.

Well, maybe a little butt stuff.
-Eek Team

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