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House Party 0.10.4 Stable Release

Hey guys!
Here’s House Party 0.10.4! We’ve worked hard on this one, so we hope you enjoy all of the new changes. This includes a brand new Stephanie story with 4 different endings, as well as a lot of other Easter eggs and updates. Enjoy!

Implemented new content to Stephanie’s character with 4 unique endings
Implemented “Follow Your Calling” Opportunity
Implemented “Apply Pressure” Opportunity
Implemented “Meltdown” Opportunity for Stephanie
Implemented “Special Tutor” Opportunity for Stephanie
Implemented “Drunk and Disorderly” Opportunity for Stephanie
Added new Missionary Sex Animations
Added new Doggiestyle Sex Animations
Added new Cowgirl Sex Animations
Added Beer Pong (Practice) Mini-Game
Freed up over 2GB of VRAM usage during runtime
Optimized the core code of the game to reduce spikes in performance
Drastically reduced loading screen time
Added new voice acting for Stephanie, Katherine, Derek, Madison, and Frank
Added background logic for Achievements system (Coming Soon!)
Completely revamped lighting and post processing
All rooms now have their own lighting “feel”
Added rocks to the back yard flower bed
Madison’s clothes have been updated
Added new kitchen lamp
Added new lamp model to the living room
Added new Study room lamp
Added new Master bedroom lamps
Added rocks for the flower bed
Added a new moon
Added illuminated windows to the neighbourhood
Animated the outside fire light
Changed room colors for Ashley’s and Study room
Added new Staircase lamp
Added new frank lamp
Added new nightstand lamps
Added paint covered Stephanie
Added paint covered bag
Fixed typos in the UI
Added a new kitchen light
Added new standing lamps
Added Gut Grip Interactive Item to the game
Added Motor Oil Interactive Item to the game
Added Paper Bag Interactive Item to the game
Added Paper Bag Crushed Item to the game
Added achievement UI
Changed hot tub reflections to be more accurate
Tweaked the fog effect
Optimized/reduced performance on reflections
Optimized all visual assets (Textures, models, etc.) for better performance
“WantsToBeAlone” state no longer spams the Debug Log
Fixed rare occurrences where you could see the back of Rachael’s head through her hair
The “Turn” GameEvent is now logged correctly
Tweaked new sex animations
Stopped sex from starting in problematic places, the characters are now moved to a safe location first
Added extra code to check to make sure characters don’t get stuck after sex
Added Gamma slider
Fixed Vickie’s top becoming invisible sometimes
Fixed some cabinets having different color doors
Fixed upstairs doors having different colors in shading
Tweaked the lighting in the menu
Frank can no longer get stuck in the bathroom during the concussion route — FRANK SMASH
Katherine will always be able to leave the bathroom, regardless of progression/failure of “Follow your calling.
Brittney will no longer follow Steph at/in situations that wouldn’t allow for it.
Steph will approach the “Kat sick” situation without the player if needed — after 500 seconds since Kat entered the bathroom.
Fixed an issue with a graphical trailing effect in the Anti-Aliasing
Fixed an issue with light bleeding into the garage from the bedroom
Fixed an issue in the Custom Story Creator where values would default to “Amy”
Fixed an issue where characters would sometimes spin in place after a sex act
Fixed an issue where characters wouldn’t get re-dressed correctly after getting out of the hot tub if another character sat there before they left the area
Fixed an issue where sometimes characters won’t go to an important location after a game load if they were blocked previously
Fixed an issue where Motion Blur settings are not remembered correctly
Fixed an issue where saving a game with the file-name “1” or “2” caused a crash on load
Fixed an issue where Frank sometimes couldn’t see you through the liquor cabinet door
Fixed an issue where the escape menu can get stuck on the screen
Fixed an issue where the save menu takes a reaaaaaaallly long time to come up
Fixed an issue where Amy would have the bag in her hand on a game load
ChangeLocation events are now logged to the Debug Log
Beer Pong balls can no longer be grabbed in mid-air when in the middle of a practice game
Fixed a bug that was preventing Beer Pong balls from spawning in the right place or always returning to their container/spawner
Minor tweaks to beer pong and minigame physics attributes
Tweaked kitchen and slider door colliders in order to prevent small items from getting stuck or disappearing
Various ChangeLocation events and their reasons for occurring are now logged in the debug log
Further save/load game naming convention and file system constraints added to prevent some of the rarer Save/Load issues
Tweaked NoLoitering zone sizes to better reflect the geometry of high-traffic areas that the NoLoitering AI uses to prevent pathing “traffic jams”
Changed NoLoitering behavior to take into account a wider array of possible character states
Any characters put into an indisposed state (like concuss or drunk) will now eventually return to normal
Fixed disappearing characters during sex scenes sometimes
Fixed some clothing clipping through characters
Fixed a bug that was causing beer pong items to move or clip into each other upon loading a saved game
Overwriting a save game will now properly overwrite or add to the Photos collection attached to that save
Debug Log now correctly Logs True/False Values for EventTriggers -> Set Enabled
Saving and Loading a game Named ‘1’, ‘2’, etc. that had pictures attached no longer causes a hangs or crashes on the Loading screen
Debug Log timestamps now shown in the in-game debug window
All debug log timestamps are now evenly formatted
Tweaked areas of the house that would force a change in character location due to excessive loitering, and these events are now logged in the debug log
Added a state where characters will not slow down when approaching their move target
Fixed a rare issue where the game would crash when loading the game
Fixed some areas where NPCs were getting stuck when pathfinding
Fixed an issue with the hand cursor where it would sometimes disappear
Added a response from Ashley if you give her beer before you “meet” her
Fixed an issue where Kat would drop dialogue if you ask her to take a nude photo and you haven’t used the Camera on the SD card yet, but they are both in your inventory
Beer pong balls return to the spawner/container area after being used after a short delay, regardless of if they miss or score
Added a help text radial option to give instructions for how to play
If the beer pong container does not detect that enough playable balls are present, it will spawn more upon starting a new practice session
Further tweaked handcursor grab collider + grab functionality to improve player’s ability to pick up small objects
Fixed an issue that was causing character state transitions to be logged incorrectly in the debug log
Fixed minor bugs in command console combat command and miscellaneous feedback responses
Debug Log now properly logs all information for Clothing and SendEvent game events