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House Party 0.12.2 Released to Beta Testers

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Hey guys,
Here’s House Party 0.12.2.  Sorry about the delay, but there’s a LOT of content in this release cycle, and we are chugging through polishing it all up.  We still have some stuff to do, but this is much closer to what the final release is going to be.  Enjoy!

Added new Player model
Player and NPCs now start off flaccid and can get erections
Added physics to penis and testicles
Reworked all sex scenes to work with the new player and NPC “hardware”
Added realtime mirrors
Added more realtime shadows
Improved lighting to cater to the new characters better
Added more detail to all characters
Updated textures for Amy, Brittney and Katherine
Updated main menu characters with latest versions
Fixed a small transparent issue with Katherine’s bra
Tweaked dynamic hair for Ashley, Katherine, Stephanie and Patrick
Optimized clothing textures
Optimized dynamic character hair
Fixed Katherine’s blendshapes and a skinning issue
Fixed Skinning issue for the player
Optimized performance and improved on the ejaculate effect
Player can no longer sic Madison on Patrick at highly inopportune times that could lead to broken 0.12.x content
Player will no longer have the Throw Beer On option with Madison during the final sequence(s) of 0.12.x content due to a very, very crowded radial menu
Amy will no longer try to walk to Katherine repeatedly after speaking to her about Stephanie’s intentions while Katherine is sick in the downstairs bathroom
Added self-limiting criteria to a number of events in the game to prevent them from needlessly setting the same value repeatedly and clogging up our precious Debug Log
Stephanie will not put her own underwear back on after the “$50 exchange” with the Player after several seconds
Patrick’s behavior after the end of “Family Time” is now less rigid, and he won’t doggedly attempt to access the downstairs bathroom repeatedly if it is locked
Madison no longer cares what state of dress the Player is in if they should fail her “endurance”/stroke test during Like a French Girl
It should no longer be possible for Madison to loop through her “endurance”/stroke test dialogues should the player fail the test during Like a French Girl
When saving and loading a game during Like a French Girl (when In Progress), Derek will kneel back down
If Like a French Girl is In Progress and the player was naked and saved, loading that game will no longer result in the player being fully dressed
Derek will no longer stay locked in a permanent state of planet-scorching, self-sustaining, nuclear rage towards the Player if the Player experiences a magical moment with Frank after the High and Dry opportunity. TLDR: Derek is less jelly.
Player and Stephanie won’t immediately get dressed like speed demons after they complete their fornication
Slightly tweaked availability slightly of Amy’s new “GTFO AMY I NEED TO HAVE SEX WITH THIS PERSON RIGHT NOW AND HERE IS AN EXCUSE” (internal ID reference) response option
Added a few more safeguards to prevent Derek from magically warping into the scene once Like a French Girl has started
Stephanie’s recovery from various states of inebriation and the effects this has on her behavior should be more consistent, including across save-games
The “item hunt” phase of Stephanie’s Meltdown-initiated content should now resolve more reliably
Katherine will no longer respond to the Cell Phone Jammer if waiting for the player to hook up with her (naked on the bed) or in the middle of an intimacy act. She may, however, wave it frantically around in the air as she searches for dem bars
Adjusted some of Rachael’s post-dare “get dressed” behaviors to coincide with changes to her clothing in 0.12.x
Corrected an issue that could cause Derek to use redundant dialogue if his shirt was already off prior to Madison’s “art show”
Player can no longer Rummage through the Orange Bin in the garage multiple times as part of Amy’s Scavenger Hunt, presumably in order to amass a treasure trove of panties like some kinky dragon-kin
Tied in Achievement images for newly added Achievements
Fixed an issue that could cause various character dialogues and events to be unavailable after finishing or failing Madison’s new content
Derek will no longer put his shirt back on after Madison’s “art show” if the Player has already progressed past a certain point in Amy’s Scavenger Hunt
Adjusted NPC placement during a select few moments throughout Madison’s new content
Cleaned up Katherine’s “greeting” behavior after the Player successfully helps Stephanie with Katherine’s bathroom emergency
Made minor tweaks to Rachael’s dare-text receipt behavior to improve consistency across certain dare possibilities and prevent Rachael from potentially holding her phone in her hand for the rest of the party…or maybe that is just an unlisted superglue dare? …Nah.
The Player and Amy will no longer be auto-warped to the center of the Spare Room if the conditions for getting intimate with Amy are not met when the player propositions her
Made minor adjustments to Amy’s behavior between Derek congratulating the player for earning Ashley’s trust and Ashley showing the player her room and trying to get away from Amy’s sorority pitch
In the side story “A Vickie Vixen Valentine”, fixed an issue that could render the master bedroom door unable to be knocked on IF Vickie’s sprint into the master bedroom was exceptionally fast
In the side story “A Vickie Vixen Valentine”, Vickie will take her shorts off and THEN her panties, making things even fucking hotter, as the Player would so eloquently put it
In the side story “A Vickie Vixen Valentine”, fixed a typo that appears when checking under the bed for a certain item
In the side story “A Vickie Vixen Valentine”, fixed an issue that can prevent Vickie transitioning from oral intimacy to bed intimacy near the end of the story
Refactored events and some values in the side story “A Vickie Vixen Valentine” to make them somewhat more readable
In the side story “A Vickie Vixen Valentine”, added a handful of additional emotes in a few points to make Vickie appear like less of a robot 
In the side story “A Vickie Vixen Valentine”, added a dialogue criteria check that allows for use of an additional alternate dialogue that was already voiced prior to 0.12.x
In the side story “A Vickie Vixen Valentine”, saving and loading once the Player has gone upstairs with Vickie after “Never Have I Ever” should no longer result in the Player not being able to interact with or be intimate with Vickie
In the side story “A Vickie Vixen Valentine”, resolved an issue that could cause a duplication of unvoiced “text message” dialogue between Ashley and Madison
In the side story “A Vickie Vixen Valentine”, made various minor emote/reaction tweaks to Vickie as needed to accommodate other 0.12.x AVVV story adjustments
In the side story “A Vickie Vixen Valentine”, made small dialogue and thoughtbubble tweaks to accommodate other 0.12.x AVVV story adjustments and rectify one or two VA inconsistencies
In the side story “A Vickie Vixen Valentine”, Vickie will no longer react to the player getting near the locked slider door based solely on proximity, which was causing some players not to experience the full extent of her flexibility and wardrobe
In the side story “A Vickie Vixen Valentine”, resolved an issue that would cause an opportunity to start and log its start twice
In the side story “A Vickie Vixen Valentine”, the player needs to be a bit closer to Vickie in order to initiate sex. No more big-dicking from across the room
In the side story “A Vickie Vixen Valentine”, fixed an issue that would prevent the Player from being able to follow up with additional intimacy with Vickie or talk to her at all if she finished a blowjob first.
In the side story “A Vickie Vixen Valentine”, resolved an issue that could cause unintended side effects with Ashley’s Phone or even an inability to interact with Vickie if the Player experienced multiple dialogues without being close enough/in-vision to Vickie after she runs to the Spare Room
In the side story “A Vickie Vixen Valentine”, masturbating at a certain time while also consuming the chocolate bar will no longer result in the Player’s position being unchanged upon the game fading back in to play Never Have I Ever with Vickie. This is a feature, not a nerf…obviously
In the side story “A Vickie Vixen Valentine”, the Player can no longer take up Vickie’s spot on the Bed (Left) after she begins walking up to be intimate with the Player in that exact spot
In the side story “A Vickie Vixen Valentine”, removed the ability of the Player to lock bathroom doors prior to having the Key item removed, which could result in Vickie being locked in the Upstairs Master Bathroom prior to ending the story
In the side story “A Vickie Vixen Valentine”, made additional tweaks to the Master Bedroom door radial options to prevent Vickie from being trapped inside an eternal fiery walk-in hell of totes cute tops and linen scented laundry
In the side story “A Vickie Vixen Valentine”, made minor tweaks to how the Player and Vickie are positioned after the end-story fade out/fade in and how minor supporting events operate
The Player will need to wait until much of Madison’s newest 0.12.x content is finished before pursuing the finale of Ashley’s Smooth Operator opportunity
Fixed an issue that would prevent Derek from defending Madison’s honor if the Player angers them both at the beginning of The Muse
Certain events associated with Ashley’s intimacy endings will only take effect if the player has completed the prank against Madison, instead of any time the player finishes any intimacy route with Ashley
Added further protections against Katherine reacting to the cell phone jammer immediately prior to or during her intimacy scene
Patrick now knows how to not only pronounce, but also spell Brittney’s name
Fixed an issue was causing Ashley to reference an incorrect character under certain circumstances when verifying if the soda was tampered with
Fixed an issue that could prevent the Player from progressing further with Rachael’s dares under select circumstances (this fix allows the player to continue selecting more dares, it does NOT change the choices required to engage in intimacy/finish her dare content)
Madison will wait a bit longer to stop Shoo-ing others out of her bedroom during the finale of Magnum Opus/new 0.12.x content
Player can fail Amy’s Scavenger Hunt if they are particularly aggressive in turning down certain dare requests from her (requires repeated choices)
Added more control to Amy’s roaming during her Goodbye Kitty selfie sequnce during her Scavenger Hunt, a lack of which was contributing to Amy potentially walking away from the Hot Tub during her Scavenger Hunt finale
Player should no longer be able to ask about Scavenger Hunt steps from Amy while in the middle of the Hot Tub finale of the Scavenger Hunt (dialogue response; does not remove the failure-causing Truth or Dare response option)
Amy will no longer try to cover herself up while also undressing and changing during the Goodbye Kitty selfie sequence
Choosing the Truth or Dare response specifically mentioning the Scavenger Hunt in front of Brittney while in the Hot Tub will now officially fail the Scavenger Hunt quest and release Amy to roam around again. Will no longer confusingly leave missing dialogues and responses for the player to choose which were in reality doing nothing.
Ashley will now remember that the Player untied her top minutes beforehand early on in the game, and will not allow them to progress with the prank vs. Madison until the Player resolves their dispute with grace, empathy, and aplomb
Tweaks to Ashley’s top reactions; it is possible to indirectly fail out of some content if the player repeatedly unties Ashley’s top
Fixed an issue that could prevent Ashley from returning to her room after being humiliated, when only given the bathroom skeleton key back after the Opportunity completes
The player should no longer be able to inadvertently trigger the Family Time sequence with Ashley and Patrick immediately after Madison’s art show until they’ve finished the sacred duty of inspecting Stephanie’s panty situation alongside Patrick
Minor tweaks to Ashley’s post-humiliation behaviors to prevent her from getting stuck in hallways. More fixes pending for future releases.
Fixed an issue that would prevent Ashley from reacting in any way when the Player would give her a beer while she was also naked immediately after the Humiliate Ashley opportunity was finished
Addressed an issue caused by one of Stephanie’s events that could cause Madison to walk away from Ashley, Derek, and the Player during the finale of Ashley’s Drunk and Disorderly opportunity
Minor tweaks to Stephanie dialogue choices based on the progress of the Meltdown opportunity
Added additional protections to prevent Madison’s Art Show from interfering with certain Ashley scenes
Added additional protections to prevent Madison’s Art Show from interfering with Ashley and Patrick’s Family Time sequence
Tightened up NPC status check around the time of Madison’s Art Show
Added more protections to prevent Amy from bugging out due to roaming state or event interruptions between Madison’s “art show” and the end of her new 0.12.x content
Ashley should now move out of the bedroom after Madison’s “art show” more reliably, and have her roaming treated more appropriately based on prior content that the Player completed
Addressed an issue that could cause the player’s Intimacy sensitivity to be the wrong value after intimacy with Ashley
Ashley will only get like, totes super mad at the Player about being given the cell phone jammer at very specific times
Ashley’s Shoo Others state will now self-cancel a short time after Family Time with Patrick, instead of staying on permanently until the Player spoke to her again
Reduced the chances that Ashley or Patrick could roam away during Madison’s “art show”
Inspecting Madison’s calendar after a certain point in her new content will no longer instruct the player on how to “break the ice” with her
Madison should be less likely to walk away during the long conversation between the her, the Player, and Derek prior to obtaining Artsy Fartsy
Player can no longer talk to Derek “normally” during the brief time he’s perched up on the roof
The Player now must pause the prank vs. Madison beyond a certain point in Madison’s new content, but can still prank her after if you really want to
The Player can complete the prank vs. Madison towards the very beginning of her new content if it is already underway…but not without consequences
Fixed issue that occurred when the player was being intimate with Madison’s…statue and suddenly decided to put away his junk. Also adapted said statue to new genital mechanics


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