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House Party 0.13.2 Released to Beta Testers


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Hey guys!

Here’s House Party 0.13.2!  Lots of optimizations and bug fixes, as well as voice acting for all of the characters.  Next, we’ll be working on the stable release as we keep on cracking down on the bugs and polish things up a bit more.  Enjoy!

Added voice acting for all characters
Added new textures for the Living Room Television
Reduced all characters down to one skinned mesh (Performance Optimization)
Increased thought bubble size
Added cactus model
Added neon sign model
Added 2 lawn flamingo models
Fixed some issues with ragdoll (passed out) form
Fixed Madison artifacts on leg
Fixed Madison and Vickie skin mask issues
Fixed some errors that could happen on the main menu
Fixed an issue that was affecting the position/visibility of the Vape’s smoke particle effect
Added UnlockFPS console command, which will allow the game to render at the maximum achievable frame rate. This command does NOT disable Achievements
Improved feedback texts for a handful of console commands.
Exposed additional “SendEvent” game events for story creators
In the Original Story: fixed a few cases of “missing goodbye” response options, or other minor response availability issues
In the Original Story: the Player shouldn’t have to get quite as close to Patrick to trigger his story sequence behind the gazebo
In the Original Story: fixed a minor issue with two responses in Ashley’s Drunk and Disorderly content that were preventing them from appearing to the Player
In the Original Story: fixed various bugs related to the “…Screw Like a Bee?” opportunity
In the Original Story: fixed an issue that would cause Katherine to stand around unresponsive and “Apply Pressure” to stall if she reached the downstairs bathroom door while Frank was In Combat or Knocked Out due to the events of Derek Smash!
In the Original Story: much like with the groping, there may now be negative repercussions for striking a character with a well-aimed “climax projectile”. TLDR: skeeting on peeps can be dangerous.
In the Original Story: various grammatical and typo fixes as well as minor clarifications in a number of Opportunity descriptions
In the Original Story: tweaked Vickie’s use of her “don’t get too drunk” greeting dialogue to not be used quite as much, notably after she and the player have already been intimate
In the Original Story: Patrick and Ashley will no longer socialize during “Family Time” at the firepit. They will focus entirely on the lovely family bonding process at hand
In the Original Story: fixed an issue that was causing the Player’s “Sensitivity” to be repeatedly modified (and sometimes stuck at zero) by Vickie’s intimacy finale events, even after the Player had completed said events
In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause the Player’s underwear to clip through their pants after some playthroughs of Ashley’s “Sibling Warfare” content
In the Original Story: characters should not react as aggressively when the Player accidentally “climaxes” on them. They should only react with their intended reactions when the player purposefully “releases” on them “by himself” or under other very limited situations
In the Original Story: resolved a handful of situations in which the Player’s pants would be forced back on, even if the Player had their pants taken as a side effect of events that unfolded at the end of “The Muse” with Derek
In the Original Story: added a preventative measure to further reduce chances of Players starting the Ashley-Madison prank sequence while Madison’s “Smooth Operator” finale is still pending, which could cause a major break in the content
In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause the Player to be unable to obtain the Smooth Operator: Ashley opportunity if they were a gentleman and secured Ashley’s top before interacting with her in any other way
In the Original Story: moved the start event for Patty’s Striking Resemblance and a few other key events around to help prevent issues from occurring when Patrick gets knocked out at inopportune times
In the Original Story: the Player can now earn the right to occupy Frank’s chair…or can they?
In the Original Story: the Player can now open the closet doors in Ashley’s room (no purpose yet, other than to limit the chances of items or NPCs becoming stuck inside in niche situations)
In the Original Story: added provisions to keep Madison from walking away from Derek and the Player during her intro dialogue to The Muse


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