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House Party 0.14.1 Released to Alpha Testers

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Hey everyone!
House Party 0.14.1 is now in the hands of our Alpha testers. This Alpha
has brought Lety’s story to full completion with only a few more fun
extra additions needed before it’s time for Beta!
We think you guys are really going to like what’s headed your way soon.
For a changelog of what’s been added, check out below!
-Eek Team

In the Original Story: corrected additional possible placement and state issues that could affect Derek or Madison during the ending of the High and Dry and Like a French Girl opportunities
In the Original Story: fixed a response from the Player to Derek re: Stephanie that was available a bit earlier than it should have been
In the Original Story: fixed a response from the Player to Derek re: Amy that was available a bit earlier than it should have been
In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause Amy to always have her phone in her hand after asking her about Scavenger Hunt items
In the Original Story: Amy will now check her phone when asked about all Scavenger Hunt items, instead of just the first few
In the Original Story: resolved an issue that could cause Rachael to confront the Player about Patrick a bit prematurely
In the Original Story: the distance check that fails the Player out of Screw Like a Bee during the Player’s pursuit of Leah is a bit more forgiving
In the Original Story: Patrick and Rachael should not dance as much prior to and immediately after their fight that starts the “Patty’s Striking Resemblance” Opportunity
Fixed an issue with the CharInfo command that could prevent it from showing a character’s list of inaccessible mandatory targets
Charinfo command will now also show combat-related information
CSC users will no longer be prompted to choose a 2nd character when selecting the End or StartMasturbation sexual acts within an intimacy event, as a 2nd character is not needed for these choices
The Debug Log and CSC will no longer attempt to show a 2nd character when displaying event name of the Intimacy StartMasturbation and End sex events
Added an event usable by Story Creators that opens the radial menu for an NPC or item without the Player having to directly interact with the target(edited)
Updated Pose console command to work with some newly added poses
The Debug Window will no longer show a duplicate event entry when a system warning, error, or exception occurs. System issues will now properly be timestamped and logged in the Debug Window
The Debug Log will now also log System Warnings
Added Lety’s satchel
Added Lety to Main Menu
Added chili pepper bottle model
Added scorpion tequila model
Added talking fish model
Added avatar image for Lety
Created front yard exterior
Fixed weird shine effect on the wrong side of the gazebo
Fixed Lety wearing double jackets in game and main menu


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