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House Party 0.15.1 Released to Alpha Testers

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House Partiers,
We never like to keep you waiting. It’s time for another alpha and this one’s packed with new content. 
Leah’s mighty story has two diverging paths (with even more paths within those paths!) and at the time of this alpha release, one full path is complete. Crazy, hilarious stuff goes down in this story, stuff we can’t wait for our VAs to take a whack at. We hope you’ll see why.  
Have a good weekend and as always, thanks for having our back! 
-Eek Team
P.S. For those who may have missed it, the original creator and CEO of Eek Games was a guest on a gamedev podcast recently. He spoke about the ins and outs of House Party. Take a listen if you’ve got the chance!
(Alpha 8/30/19)

Added more of Leah’s story
Added bike lock + key
Added color filters (grayscale + rage)
Added smartphone flashlight
Implemented Quick Save Feature (F9)
Tweaked combat mechanics
Added Dead Snake and updated wearable snake for Frank and Leah
Made male player’s shoes and sleeves higher-poly and improved rig
Updated interactive items and grabbable body parts with new player rig hand(s)
Fixed player’s head and body skin tone not matching
Phones and other small items now highlight when they are dropped in the grass so the player can easily find them again
Fixed an issue where collision sounds are sometimes played when some items are in the player’s inventory
Inventory and Opportunity buttons are now mappable in the control/controller map
Fixed an issue with GameStart events not firing correctly sometimes
Player.Sit and Player.Laydown events will now have the target bed/chair shown in the logs and in the CSC
Added Throw Punch SendEvent option to the CSC
Tweaked the dropdowns in the CSC for State Events and State Criteria to be alphabetically sorted, and the order of the dropdowns within the GUI element to be more in-line with the game event and criteria naming structure
Gave Leah an Earpiece she can reach for. For security reasons
Added the “PhoneBlindedMe” reaction event for CSC users. This will trigger when a Phone Light is visibly on and a Character enters a roughly character-sized capsule that extends outward from the Phone Light
Added a new Move Target/Sex Spot in the garage, behind the ping pong table. Watch out…balls from above!
DisplayGameMessage events will now have their GameMessageTypes option displayed in the CSC and when logged in the Debug Log
Added a TriggerBGC console command
Individual TriggerBGC events are now much more responsive under almost all circumstances
DialogueOnly characters (Phone Call, Compubrah) can no longer be selected for an IKReach event
Further standardization of Game Event naming and logging conventions with CSC dropdowns
WalkToTargetOption “Cancel” will no longer show up in various places in the CSC where having a “Cancel” option was inappropriate
Further standardization of Criteria naming and CSC dropdowns (against Game Events where appropriate), with exceptions for criteria such as “Distance”, “Vision” and “Is In Front Of”, etc. which are more readable with slightly different formatting. Decreased OCD variance matrix by -0.2207 chodivars
Added missing dropdowns for the Criteria/CompareType when selecting IsCurrentlyUsing or IsCurrentlyBeingUsed
Can no longer select the Player or DialogueOnly Characters (Phone Call, Compubrah) as the CharacterToReactTo in a ReachTarget Event Trigger, as this event is only handled by standard NPCs
Moved the Initialization of certain variables and references in a few scripts that mount or use items in conjunction with character models to earlier in the loading process, and otherwise performed minor cleanup on similar scripts
If the “None” criteria is selected in the CSC, the user will be able to select another criteria from the dropdown, instead of having to remove that criteria and choose a new one
CSC users can now directly compare two values, whether they are “owned” by the same character, or two different characters
Characters will no longer be able to attempt to warp to themselves via the WarpTo console command
Important/TriggerBGC will now be shown even if an NPC is not within direct line of sight of the Player, or is a full floor above the Player
DialogueOnly Characters like PhoneCall and Compubrah can no longer be set to receive GetsHitByProjectile event triggers in the CSC
In the CSC, an Event Trigger can now call itself via a PerformEvent game event IF its Delay is greater than zero. Previously, this was restricted due to the possibility of recursively firing an infinite number of events with a delay of zero, which could freeze the game
Various accuracy and reliability improvements to the GetsHitByProjectile event functionality
In the Original Story: added a preventative check to ensure that Derek doesn’t permanently get his shirt back after he gives it to the Player during Amy’s “Scavenger Hunt” opportunity
In the Original Story: giving Ashley an untampered soda while she is waiting for her clothes to be returned to her will result in the failure of the :Humiliate Ashley: opportunity
In the Original Story: the Player can no longer skip through Madison’s conversational opening delay by giving her her phone and then selecting from global responses
In the Original Story: fixed an issue with duplicate thoughtbubbles appearing when the Player tries to unsuccessfully sit in one of the Hot Tub seats
In the Original Story: made changes to the radial options for Madison’s Phone to accommodate new mechanics and story content
In the Original Story: minor tweaks to responses and events within a couple Patrick dialogues in the event that the Player failed his “Phonegate” opportunity
In the Original Story: cleaned up and made corrections in the Help text for the Player Beer Pong Practice spot


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