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House Party 0.15.3 Released to Beta Testers

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Awww yeahhh, BETA TIME.
What’s the only thing that could bring this new Leah content up to its true fighting weight? The only answer: VOICE ACTING. (And a shit load of bug fixes, but that doesn’t sound as good.)
This newest beta release includes VA for (nearly) all of Leah’s new storyline. We’re not kissing our own ass here, but we think this includes some of the most entertaining voice acting you’ll hear all year. Frank and Leah’s VAs absolutely killed it. You’ve gotta give this beta a play so you can see the light. I guess you’d be hearing the light.
Also, if you complete Patrick’s storyline and unlock the VR space, you’ll also be able to use that space for combat training! Mind you, you’ll have to reach the garage sparring session in Leah’s new content to unlock this feature as well. Just think of all the endless virtual assbeatings you can serve up…
And there are a lot of bug fixes too. Things are really coming together! Enjoy Patrons!
-Eek Team
(Beta 9/24/19)

Added voice acting for all new content
Added male and player “talking on phone” animation
Fixed an issue where the speakers would sometimes lose sync with each other
Fixed an issue where objects would not regain their textures after being lost in the grass and being illuminated
Fixed an issue where warp-locations to move targets could get corrupted on a reload or loaded saved game
The stairs no longer use one very tall collider that blocks obvious line of sight for the first 8 steps or so. The angle of the stair railings and geometry is now followed…be careful there!
Added new Vision Blockers around downstairs curtains to prevent obnoxious NPC sight checks when trying to hide
Added a Vision Blocker to part of the kitchen sink window to prevent sight checks passing from around the Outside Move Target in through the front hallway(!)
Added Vision Blocker that loosely follows the OUTER/firepit-side edge of the bushes outside the living room. This (and the curtain Blockers) will prevent NPCs looking in through the densest portions of the bushes AND through the window blinds to be unable to see other Characters, but will leave gaps on the widest viewing angles into the living room. It will also allow creepers to more effectively hide in the bushes away from Characters at the fire pit, etc.
NPCs can now also see out the laundry room and art room windows if another Character is on the roof
Standardized all height checks in the codebase to 1.8 units
The TriggerBGC command will now close the console so that the user can see the specified NPC more clearly as well as any chatter text that might come up
Added a global AddSmallForwardMomentum ItemFunction that can be used to throw many different items
Made more small items “extra” visible if dropped outside in the grass
Added a new event, WarpItemTo, that will allow CSC users to warp items (not chairs, beds, etc., just regular interactive items) to a movetarget or character. This will not work cleanly with all interactive items due to certain object or prefab structures, and is therefore a work in progress
Added WarpItemTo subcommand for the Item console command
Added a couple more sound effects that can be used with the InvisAudioPlayer via ItemFunction
Re-added a sex spot to Compubrah VR bed that could cause issues when Characters tried to use it
Fixed an issue that could potentially have caused the Dining Room TV’s screen to not update when the MP3 Player was used with the Aux Dock
Added a GlobalizationManager (for future extension) and modified handling of certain time localization code to avoid exceptions being thrown for specific regions
Fixed a hardcoded typo in SearchEditor that could prevent “Anybody”-targeted searches from functioning correctly in the CSC
Fixed DisplayGameMessage events showing two “Delay” texts when configuring the event in the CSC
Started adding some “auto cleanup” functionality within the CSC that will clear out event data that is not needed by a given event. For example, DisplayGameMessages do not need an e.Key (event Key), and leaving it populated can lead to confusing search functionality and bloat, or even user errors when making heavy use of the CSC’s copy-paste feature
CSC users can now rearrange the order of Event Triggers within Character Stories
CSC users will now get specific Interaction and Use With information when CSC Search results are found within the Main Story file
CSC users will now be told when CSC Search results found within a Dialogue are tied to a Start Event, Close Event, or Response Event
The pink dildo now has a collision sound. TOP PATCH NOTE RIGHT HERE
Added collision sounds to a few more interactive items that matter way less than the dildo
Fixed the way certain console commands (WarpTo, WalkTo, LookAt, and more) interpret DialogueOnly characters like Compubrah and PhoneCall. These will now be ignored in commands or as parameters for subcommands that should not or cannot make use of them
Ashley’s Top, or as it is known colloquially, “Ashley’s Goddamn Motherfucking Upper-Shitpiece of a Left Mouse Gravity Well”, will no longer have its “Untie” option on the right, where “Talk” normally is for NPCs. Rejoice fam
In the Original Story: added some minor protections against Katherine ending up outside the Downstairs Bathroom after Frank opens it for her and she closes that door
In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause Rachael to be given more than one dare instruction at a time when loading a saved game
In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could allow Rachael to attempt to execute the events of her…”self pleasure” dare twice
In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause Ashley and Patrick’s inspect texts to break between the end of “Family Time” and the Player talking to Ashley
In the Original Story: Steph will not “see” knockouts/fights (this precipitates some of her “Follow Your Calling” content) if she cannot actually see anyone else, and she will not count various temporary NPC or Player knockouts (which are not combat related)
In the Original Story: Stephanie must also be conscious in order to “see” a knockout/fight
In the Original Story: fixed an issue with Ashley’s NoUntieYet value handling that could cause inspecting her top to generate redundant inspect texts, and possibly prevent her top from being untied ever again after certain events in her stories
In the Original Story: Frank will not overhear the Player admitting to Derek that he has feelings for him if Frank cannot see the Player
In the Original Story: added Jump Up/Down events into existing moments when a couple characters leave the party via the yard
In the Original Story: the Player can no longer use the Gutter to climb onto the roof when they are in Combat or ANY character has the Player as their CombatTarget
In the Original Story: Added the following Achievements: “The Harder They Fall…Dood”, “The Bride”, “Ronin”, “Sucker Punch”, and “Money Shot”
In the Original Story: added another Log Off option a bit earlier in Compubrah’s dialogue options
In the Original Story: fixed a text-VA discrepancy in Leah’s line to Frank, after Leah is “Poppered” successfully by the Player during “Just in the Kick of Time”
In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could allow the Player to access Lety VR rewards without meeting the prerequisites, which could lead to a break in Lety’s VR behavior
In the Original Story: VR/Virtual Lety will no longer use non-VR Lety’s Orgasm events
In the Original Story: the Player will now un-expose themselves before returning to the party after Lety VR intimacy, if they managed to have all their clothes on but still keep their tasty bits out


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