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House Party 0.15.4 Stable Release

Leah’s time has come! It’s the official release of 0.15.4 and with it a whoooole bunch of additions to House Party. Seriously, we’re getting wild in this update. 
If you’ve been following this release, you know that Leah’s new story includes around 400 lines of new dialogue and some very new, very unique items. Leah’s story includes 2 major branches that play to the good and the evil that boils inside every asskicker. Which side will you lead her towards? 
And speaking of asskicking, combat is now a feature in House Party. From the moment you walk in the door, you can raise your fists and show Patri–I mean people what you’re made of. There are several items and activities that you can do around the house to increase your strength, stamina, and speed, but completing Leah’s story is the best way to ensure you’re the heavyweight of the house. 
If you’re finding yourself in need of some combat training, we’ve added a brand new story that takes place entirely in Compubrah’s VR space. There, you’ll be able to train in the dojo of a deranged fratboy AI, and honestly, there can’t be a better place to learn how to throw a punch. You’ll find this story in the drop down on the main menu.  
Other highlights of this update include directional sound, new models for Frank and Leah, and awesome new additions to the Custom Story Creator. If you’re a CSC user, you’ve got some incredible new tools at your disposal, so check them out! 
Check out our full changelog below, but more than anything, get in there and play this update. We’re really proud of it and we hope you enjoy how House Party has grown. 
Next update…oh yeah…I guess there were these two guys that won a contest to be in our game? Guess we’ll let them out of their cages now. 
-Eek Team

Added a new “Combat Training” story
Added Combat Instructions to F1 screen
NPCs now have several new walking onset and avoidance animations
NPCs now more readily avoid one another and get out of each others way when they have a destination
Combat can no longer interrupt main dialogues unless the NPC is knocked out
Blocking now takes 1 energy
Running or continuous blocking now causes energy to regenerate at a slower rate
Adjusted the duration of the player’s attack moves and stun durations
Fixed an issue with translated background chatters not loading properly
Standardized and finalized combat moves, damage dealt, and energy requirements for them
“DoesNotFightBack” state now disallows the player to enter or exit combat mode
NPCs no longer fidget when they are holding an item (prevents clipping)
NPCs no longer play conversation animations when certain interactive items (that are marked internally) are being held (prevents clipping)
Fixed a navigation issue where Patrick could get permanently stuck on the couch (until warped)
Recalibrated the “drunk effect”.  I.E. The player is no longer a lightweight
Fixed some issues with the speakers syncing up with each other.
Changed the way all voice acting is loaded.  Should be faster and require less loading up front.
Fixed an issue where you could quick-save on game over
The Property, Personality, Roaming, State, and Value commands will not be flagged as ‘Cheated’ (i.e. will not disable Achievements) if they are used with the “list” subcommand. SEND US YOUR DEBUG INFO WITH PEACE OF MIND!
The CharInfo command will no longer flag the Player as ‘Cheated’ (i.e. will not disable Achievements). GIVE US YOUR DATAZ
You can now Add float values (as opposed to just integers) to a Character Value in the CSC, and the ModifyValue – Add event option will take floats into account
The GameMsg console command will no flag the Player as “Cheating” (i.e. will no longer disable Achievements)
Tweaks to Keychain itemfunctions to improve look of Keychain on Patrick’s manhood
When using the Values command with the “list” subcommand, the output of values will now be sorted alphabetically
The Charinfo console command will now also show what other characters can be seen by the specified/target character
In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause Patrick’s “private keychain” to be misaligned in some circumstances
In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause the entire Rachael-Patrick “Benedict Brahrnold” finale to break if the Player inspected Patrick’s “private keychain” before a Rachael dialogue appeared
In the Original Story: the Player can now drink the El Escorpion Mezcal
In the Original Story: Leah will now correctly react to the Player drinking any alcohol in front of her
In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause Frank to beat up the Player prematurely, had the Player drank the Tampered Rum near him. Frank will now approach the Player to enjoy the rectal festivities
In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause Leah to beat up the Player prematurely, had the Player drank the Tampered Rum near her. Leah will now approach the Player to enjoy the rectal festivities
In the Original Story: tweaked the behavior of Derek stepping in to stop Frank from beating up the Player, if the Player unlocked Derek’s “Combat Perk” during The Muse: Derek will not step in if the Player has initiated content which occupies Derek, and Derek will not stop Running at inopportune times due to his “Combat Perk” dialogue
In the Original Story: drinking the contents of the flask (after Rachael has filled it for you) now incurs the same benefits and repercussions as drinking any other alcohol
In the Original Story: drinking Natty Lites will now have a minor effect on the Player’s “Sensitivity”, to give them another reason to be drank during the “Training Day” opportunity vs. the other alcoholic items in the game
In the Original Story: drinking the Merlot will now have the same benefit to the Player’s “Sensitivity” for the “Training Day” opportunity as drinking any other alcoholic item would
In the Original Story: drinking the Chardonnay will now have the same benefit to the Player’s “Sensitivity” for the “Training Day” opportunity as drinking any other alcoholic item would
In the Original Story: completely overhauled the logic that awards the “Duck N’ Weave” Achievement. It is still earned in essentially the same way, but cannot be circumvented as easily, and does not arbitrarily lock out earning the Achievement during specific NPC fights
In the Original Story: minor cleanup of Ashley and Vickie’s behaviors during and after the “Sibling Warfare” finale
In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause Leah’s Roaming to be permanently off as part of the events leading up to “Screw Like a Bee…”
In the Original Story: fixed an issue that would allow Rachael to use normal dialogue/greetings to the Player while in VR at certain times
In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause Patrick/Rachael’s “Benedict Brahrnold” finale behaviors to break if the Player had saved in the middle of Patrick’s oral scene
In the Original Story: slight tweaks to timing of Keychain/HangingKeys itemfunctions to improve look of Keychain/HangingKeys on Patrick’s manhood
A Vickie vixen Valentine: added a response for Vickie that will have her step aside, should the Player somehow get stuck behind her while she is in Madison’s closet or Ashley’s bedroom
Date Night With Brittney: fixed an issue that could cause redundant thought bubbles to appear when walking away from Patrick after speaking to him for the first time
A Vickie vixen Valentine: fixed an issue that could cause duplicate door open events to occur when opening the door to Ashley’s room/Spare Room
In the Original Story: Frank will no longer help Katherine with the downstairs locked door if he is Occupied with something else that is critical and Player-driven
Date Night With Brittney: fixed an issue that was causing Opportunity icons to be blank
Added voice acting for all new content
Added male and player “talking on phone” animation
Fixed an issue where the speakers would sometimes lose sync with each other
Fixed an issue where objects would not regain their textures after being lost in the grass and being illuminated
Fixed an issue where warp-locations to move targets could get corrupted on a reload or loaded saved game
The stairs no longer use one very tall collider that blocks obvious line of sight for the first 8 steps or so. The angle of the stair railings and geometry is now followed…be careful there!
Added new Vision Blockers around downstairs curtains to prevent obnoxious NPC sight checks when trying to hide
Added a Vision Blocker to part of the kitchen sink window to prevent sight checks passing from around the Outside Move Target in through the front hallway(!)
Added Vision Blocker that loosely follows the OUTER/firepit-side edge of the bushes outside the living room. This (and the curtain Blockers) will prevent NPCs looking in through the densest portions of the bushes AND through the window blinds to be unable to see other Characters, but will leave gaps on the widest viewing angles into the living room. It will also allow creepers to more effectively hide in the bushes away from Characters at the fire pit, etc.
NPCs can now also see out the laundry room and art room windows if another Character is on the roof
Standardized all height checks in the codebase to 1.8 units
The TriggerBGC command will now close the console so that the user can see the specified NPC more clearly as well as any chatter text that might come up
Added a global AddSmallForwardMomentum ItemFunction that can be used to throw many different items
Made more small items “extra” visible if dropped outside in the grass
Added a new event, WarpItemTo, that will allow CSC users to warp items (not chairs, beds, etc., just regular interactive items) to a movetarget or character. This will not work cleanly with all interactive items due to certain object or prefab structures, and is therefore a work in progress
Added WarpItemTo subcommand for the Item console command
Added a couple more sound effects that can be used with the InvisAudioPlayer via ItemFunction
Re-added a sex spot to Compubrah VR bed that could cause issues when Characters tried to use it
Fixed an issue that could potentially have caused the Dining Room TV’s screen to not update when the MP3 Player was used with the Aux Dock
Added a GlobalizationManager (for future extension) and modified handling of certain time localization code to avoid exceptions being thrown for specific regions
Fixed a hardcoded typo in SearchEditor that could prevent “Anybody”-targeted searches from functioning correctly in the CSC
Fixed DisplayGameMessage events showing two “Delay” texts when configuring the event in the CSC
Started adding some “auto cleanup” functionality within the CSC that will clear out event data that is not needed by a given event. For example, DisplayGameMessages do not need an e.Key (event Key), and leaving it populated can lead to confusing search functionality and bloat, or even user errors when making heavy use of the CSC’s copy-paste feature
CSC users can now rearrange the order of Event Triggers within Character Stories
CSC users will now get specific Interaction and Use With information when CSC Search results are found within the Main Story file
CSC users will now be told when CSC Search results found within a Dialogue are tied to a Start Event, Close Event, or Response Event
The pink dildo now has a collision sound. TOP PATCH NOTE RIGHT HERE
Added collision sounds to a few more interactive items that matter way less than the dildo
Fixed the way certain console commands (WarpTo, WalkTo, LookAt, and more) interpret DialogueOnly characters like Compubrah and PhoneCall. These will now be ignored in commands or as parameters for subcommands that should not or cannot make use of them
Ashley’s Top, or as it is known colloquially, “Ashley’s Goddamn Motherfucking Upper-Shitpiece of a Left Mouse Gravity Well”, will no longer have its “Untie” option on the right, where “Talk” normally is for NPCs. Rejoice fam
In the Original Story: added some minor protections against Katherine ending up outside the Downstairs Bathroom after Frank opens it for her and she closes that door
In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause Rachael to be given more than one dare instruction at a time when loading a saved game
In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could allow Rachael to attempt to execute the events of her…”self pleasure” dare twice
In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause Ashley and Patrick’s inspect texts to break between the end of “Family Time” and the Player talking to Ashley
In the Original Story: Steph will not “see” knockouts/fights (this precipitates some of her “Follow Your Calling” content) if she cannot actually see anyone else, and she will not count various temporary NPC or Player knockouts (which are not combat related)
In the Original Story: Stephanie must also be conscious in order to “see” a knockout/fight
In the Original Story: fixed an issue with Ashley’s NoUntieYet value handling that could cause inspecting her top to generate redundant inspect texts, and possibly prevent her top from being untied ever again after certain events in her stories
In the Original Story: Frank will not overhear the Player admitting to Derek that he has feelings for him if Frank cannot see the Player
In the Original Story: added Jump Up/Down events into existing moments when a couple characters leave the party via the yard
In the Original Story: the Player can no longer use the Gutter to climb onto the roof when they are in Combat or ANY character has the Player as their CombatTarget
In the Original Story: Added the following Achievements: “The Harder They Fall…Dood”, “The Bride”, “Ronin”, “Sucker Punch”, and “Money Shot”
In the Original Story: added another Log Off option a bit earlier in Compubrah’s dialogue options
In the Original Story: fixed a text-VA discrepancy in Leah’s line to Frank, after Leah is “Poppered” successfully by the Player during “Just in the Kick of Time”
In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could allow the Player to access Lety VR rewards without meeting the prerequisites, which could lead to a break in Lety’s VR behavior
In the Original Story: VR/Virtual Lety will no longer use non-VR Lety’s Orgasm events
In the Original Story: the Player will now un-expose themselves before returning to the party after Lety VR intimacy, if they managed to have all their clothes on but still keep their tasty bits out

Tweaked and optimized fighting mechanics
Exposed various combat-related parameters to the Custom Story Creator
Fixed an issue with items mounting in weird positions when they are mounted twice in a row to the same NPC
Fixed an issue with NPCs not being able to open the closet doors in the art room
Added combat movement animations to the player
Tweaked the combat UI
The IKReach game event and IKReach Console Command can now be used to direct a character’s hands, hips, or feet towards a movetarget or character, in addition to interactive items
When a character IKReach-es for another character, they will target the secondary character’s chest
TriggerBGCs that are initiated while an NPC is ALREADY knocked out will now play as long as that NPCs “pass out” sound effect is not currently playing
The Player character now has its own KnockBack Character Function(edited)
When using the Player : Inventory : Remove game event, the item that is removed/drops will now use the Continuous Dynamic collision detection mode, similar to other events on the backend like throwing, etc. This more aggressive collision detection mode should help some with certain items being kicked through floors, etc.
Refactored a number of items’ collision detection modes and code to prevent kinematic rigidbody and collision detection mode error spam and small number of standalone warnings
Added another Phone item to the game
The vibrator now has a very-relevant-and-not-at-all-made-at-home-with-things-the-developers-touch sound effect available
InteractiveItems can now have their Audio playback stopped via the StopAllAudio ItemFunction
Pretty sure you all wanted this: added the PokedByVibrator Event Trigger. Right? Hello? AM I ALONE IN THIS HIVE OF BEES?
Enabled the vibrator’s “Clitpocalypse” setting…
In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause Stephanie to appear in the hallway with her paper bag during “Meltdown”, instead of being in the Spare Room
In the Original Story: Steph will no longer get distracted and talk to other NPCs or try to dance if she committed to following the Player while he finds a private spot for intimacy after “Meltdown”
In the Original Story: added provisions that should prevent the Player from accidentally disabling certain dialogues and responses that lead into Steph’s “living room” intimacy scene that rewards the player with $50
In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause Ashley to go to the outside dark corner after being given the lit joint, even when it made much more sense for her to go to her room to continue her story
In the Original Story: NPCs will not roam to Ashley or engage her in background chatter while she is naked in her room and waiting for the Player to wash her clothes. Ashley will also not socialize with NPCs until the Player decides whether he is a jerk or not
In the Original Story: Ashley will be slightly more adamant about trying to get back to her room while naked and waiting for her clothes
In the Original Story: tweaked some events around the time Stephanie, Katherine, and the Player are talking about Katherine’s stomach issues to better ensure Amy’s presence with the group
In the Original Story: tweaked some event and dialogue behavior that could lead to the Player experiencing duplicate back-to-back dialogues when talking to Stephanie about being intimate in a secluded “swanky spot”
In the Original Story: the option to “Slap Awake” Frank will be visible during the “Training Day” opportunity, but will now offer some explanation as to why it shouldn’t be used
In the Original Story: made some tweaks to Leah’s “See a KO” or “See a Fight” reactions that should make them feel a bit less out of place
In the Original Story: More NPCs will check against their Occupied values before reacting to the finale of Ashley’s “Drunk and Disorderly”
In the Original Story: miscellaneous minor tweaks to pre-0.15.x event timings and usage of redundant/preventative criteria
In the Original Story: Patrick now has to be able to see Stephanie before he will thank the Player for bringing him to her after the events of the Art Show in “The Muse

Added more of Leah’s story
Added bike lock + key
Added color filters (grayscale + rage)
Added smartphone flashlight
Implemented Quick Save Feature (F9)
Tweaked combat mechanics
Added Dead Snake and updated wearable snake for Frank and Leah
Made male player’s shoes and sleeves higher-poly and improved rig
Updated interactive items and grabbable body parts with new player rig hand(s)
Fixed player’s head and body skin tone not matching
Phones and other small items now highlight when they are dropped in the grass so the player can easily find them again
Fixed an issue where collision sounds are sometimes played when some items are in the player’s inventory
Inventory and Opportunity buttons are now mappable in the control/controller map
Fixed an issue with GameStart events not firing correctly sometimes
Player.Sit and Player.Laydown events will now have the target bed/chair shown in the logs and in the CSC
Added Throw Punch SendEvent option to the CSC
Tweaked the dropdowns in the CSC for State Events and State Criteria to be alphabetically sorted, and the order of the dropdowns within the GUI element to be more in-line with the game event and criteria naming structure
Gave Leah an Earpiece she can reach for. For security reasons
Added the “PhoneBlindedMe” reaction event for CSC users. This will trigger when a Phone Light is visibly on and a Character enters a roughly character-sized capsule that extends outward from the Phone Light
Added a new Move Target/Sex Spot in the garage, behind the ping pong table. Watch out…balls from above!
DisplayGameMessage events will now have their GameMessageTypes option displayed in the CSC and when logged in the Debug Log
Added a TriggerBGC console command
Individual TriggerBGC events are now much more responsive under almost all circumstances
DialogueOnly characters (Phone Call, Compubrah) can no longer be selected for an IKReach event
Further standardization of Game Event naming and logging conventions with CSC dropdowns
WalkToTargetOption “Cancel” will no longer show up in various places in the CSC where having a “Cancel” option was inappropriate
Further standardization of Criteria naming and CSC dropdowns (against Game Events where appropriate), with exceptions for criteria such as “Distance”, “Vision” and “Is In Front Of”, etc. which are more readable with slightly different formatting. Decreased OCD variance matrix by -0.2207 chodivars
Added missing dropdowns for the Criteria/CompareType when selecting IsCurrentlyUsing or IsCurrentlyBeingUsed
Can no longer select the Player or DialogueOnly Characters (Phone Call, Compubrah) as the CharacterToReactTo in a ReachTarget Event Trigger, as this event is only handled by standard NPCs
Moved the Initialization of certain variables and references in a few scripts that mount or use items in conjunction with character models to earlier in the loading process, and otherwise performed minor cleanup on similar scripts
If the “None” criteria is selected in the CSC, the user will be able to select another criteria from the dropdown, instead of having to remove that criteria and choose a new one
CSC users can now directly compare two values, whether they are “owned” by the same character, or two different characters
Characters will no longer be able to attempt to warp to themselves via the WarpTo console command
Important/TriggerBGC will now be shown even if an NPC is not within direct line of sight of the Player, or is a full floor above the Player
DialogueOnly Characters like PhoneCall and Compubrah can no longer be set to receive GetsHitByProjectile event triggers in the CSC
In the CSC, an Event Trigger can now call itself via a PerformEvent game event IF its Delay is greater than zero. Previously, this was restricted due to the possibility of recursively firing an infinite number of events with a delay of zero, which could freeze the game
Various accuracy and reliability improvements to the GetsHitByProjectile event functionality
In the Original Story: added a preventative check to ensure that Derek doesn’t permanently get his shirt back after he gives it to the Player during Amy’s “Scavenger Hunt” opportunity
In the Original Story: giving Ashley an untampered soda while she is waiting for her clothes to be returned to her will result in the failure of the :Humiliate Ashley: opportunity
In the Original Story: the Player can no longer skip through Madison’s conversational opening delay by giving her her phone and then selecting from global responses
In the Original Story: fixed an issue with duplicate thoughtbubbles appearing when the Player tries to unsuccessfully sit in one of the Hot Tub seats
In the Original Story: made changes to the radial options for Madison’s Phone to accommodate new mechanics and story content
In the Original Story: minor tweaks to responses and events within a couple Patrick dialogues in the event that the Player failed his “Phonegate” opportunity
In the Original Story: cleaned up and made corrections in the Help text for the Player Beer Pong Practice spot
Added new player combat mechanic
Upgraded Leah to have some kick-ass fighting animations
Added Katana and Spray Paint Can interactive items
Added Terrarium as a usable Interactive Item
Added Red, Grayscale, and DisableAll visual filter Character Functions; will allow users to enable/disable red or gray (black and white) post processing filters mid-game
Added bike lock and bike lock key as usable interactive items
Fixed an issue that was causing beer pong to be unplayable, especially if the Player grabbed the “starter” ball first and then tried to Practice
Fixed the alignment of the vibrator item when viewed in the Player’s inventory
Fixed an issue that was preventing the Turn console command from turning characters toward a move target
Added several new move targets around the outside fence, and further standardized height positioning of some outside move targets
Aligned the Player’s hand and fingers to better grip the joint item. You know, for inhaling the leaves on most of the days
Aligned the Player’s hand and fingers with the Box of Poppers/PopperBox item
Aligned and adjusted a number of indoor colliders in order to better prevent niche cases of items falling through floors
All bathroom floor types should use the same footstep sound
Fixed an issue with the “Player” console command’s “inventory” subcommand that could also cause items to sometimes fall through certain floors
For CSC users: implemented a new ‘zoning’ system that allows you to check if a character is in a room or ‘zone’ inside or outside of the house, OR fire an event trigger/reaction if a character enters a zone/room
Adjusted the NoLoitering system so it will no longer try to fire whenever any and/or all of a character’s ragdoll colliders enter a NoLoiter/Redirect area; firing once per “character entry” now results in a more reliable NoLoitering changelocation
All phone-type items now have access to default item functions as well as the new EnablePhoneLight and DisablePhoneLight itemfunctions, with cellphone-style “flash lights” aligned to their rear camera flashes
All phone-type items now have a text message sound available as either their Sound Effect 1 or Sound Effect 2 sound, for more flexible usage in custom stories
All phone-type items now have the same starting physics/Rigid Body settings
All phone-type items now have the same sound effect when thrown or dropped
All phone-type items now use the same interaction distance value
All phone-type items have had their inventory positioning, carry/grab positioning, and rotations standardized
All phone-type items have had RaisePhone and LowerPhone itemfunctions added so that the phone lights can be aimed in front of the player and have their position reset
The charinfo console command will now show the specified character’s current zone
The CSC can now trigger events based on who was attacked
Re-adjusted all NPC combat stats
In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause the Player to get stuck with a permanently increased “pleasure sensitivity” if they did Ashley’s “Sibling Warfare” and then Vickie’s content, and then followed up for more fun with Ashley afterwards
In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause the Player to get stuck with a permanently increased “pleasure sensitivity” if they did Ashley’s “Sibling Warfare” and then Vickie’s content, and then followed up for more fun with Ashley afterwards
In the Original Story: Ashley will not be as likely to use standard dialogue when in the closet during “Sibling Warfare” if the Player exposes themselves
In the Original Story: Amy will be very, very considerate about stubbing her toe, and will not do so if the Player is in combat or has an intimacy partner. She will also miraculously avoid injuring herself if she is being spoken to, or if Stephanie is being spoken to. Thanks Amy!
In the Original Story: Rachael will no longer confront Patrick and try to beat him up if the Player is already in combat. Who wouldn’t want to watch that?
In the Original Story: the Player can skip through the Rachael-Patrick fight/confrontation more reliably. Yawwwwnnnn…amirite?
In the Original Story: added new Opportunities for Leah: “Causing a Ruckus”, “Guiding Light”, and “Snake in the Grass”


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