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Life of the Party: Tiffany Witcher (Leah) Interview

House Party wouldn’t be what it is today without the voice actors. These
talented men and women go to bat for us with each update, especially
when we make them say some of the most ridiculous shit ever to be
spoken in a video game. 
In honor of their dedication, we’d like to showcase some of House Party’s
voice talent in a series of interviews that’ll help you connect with the
people behind our characters. 
Our first interview is with Leah’s voice actor, Tiffany Witcher. As the
newest member of House Party’s cast, Tiffany’s already kicking ass and
taking names as she helps bring this budding character to life. Let’s
hear more from the voice behind Leah! 

First off, tell us all about Tiffany Witcher.
Well hello, my name is Tiffany Witcher and I’m a voice actor. I’ve been voice acting for about five years working in entertainment for ten. I’m an advocate for raising awareness for Lupus and I also stream and cosplay. I live in Canada in the Ontario area but I’m originally from Washington DC.
How did you get into voice acting?
I’ve always loved to act and I did stage acting for a very long time. At one point I wanted to do Broadway but unfortunately due to my medical condition that wasn’t in the cards. It wasn’t until I was suggested to do voice acting from a friend I was like, “Yeah maybe I can give it a try!” I did small projects for fun but soon realized I really enjoyed the work and wanted to do this as my career.
What made you want to join the House Party roster?
Well, it’s a funny story, my husband played the game for a long time and I also played with him after watching the Game Grumps’ Let’s Plays. I said, “Man, this would be fun to voice for.” It wasn’t until months later a friend informed me there was a casting call for it. I quickly looked at it, prepared myself for the audition, and ta-da! It’s great getting in a game you wanted to voice for. I almost thought I didn’t have the role because I was told on April 1st.
Looking back, we mayybbbee shoulda changed the day of our selection to a day, you know, not known for bullshitting. But it all worked out! Anyway…
What kind of stories would you like to see from your character Leah in the future?
Honestly considering this game breaks the 4th wall a lot. It would be amazing if there was like a martial arts like experience in black and white. The lips don’t properly sync and all that. I think that would be hilarious and at the end of it all you get to, you know, have Leah.
Oh man, now we can’t get this scene out of our head. (NSFW, cause of Tarantino.)
Are there any other cool projects that have/will feature your voice acting?
I’ve voiced in a variety of indie titles, animations and more. I would first like to thank the team behind Luna and the Moonling for first getting me into video game voice acting. Since then, I’ve voiced in Lucius 3 which was pretty interesting and even a game called What?! My Neighbors are Demons which is a fun lewd visual novel. I voice in a few animations like one I really love called “00:High” that’s on youtube by Akioboy.  With more stuff in the future!

What advice would you give to aspiring VAs just starting out?
Patience! That is the best advice I can give. This takes time to get into and to grow. It’s hard work as well and you need to be prepared to do so. Understand you won’t get every role and that rejection is part of being a voice actor.
Where can the fans follow your work?
I stream pretty regularly on Twitch, so make sure to check out my social media to see when you can catch me next!
My website:
My Twitch: TiffanyWitcher
My Twitter: @_TiffanyWitcher
My Instagram: @_TiffanyWitcher


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