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IOC statement on air quality in London during the Games

Sitemap                    Sitemap.
Commission publishes Beyond 2012 – Outcomes Report.
Institution for Environmental Sciences publishes special CSL journal edition.
Commission launches final report – Making a Difference.

Independent Evaluation report on the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012

Commission statement on BP Target Neutral programme at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
LOCOG publish sustainability learning legacy documents.

Commission assurance statement on final London 2012 sustainability report

Commission publishes Post-Games Report.
Commission statement on allegations of excessive food waste.
Commission interim statement on alleged non-compliance with London 2012 waste policies by caterer ARAMARK Limited.
Commission launches updated video telling story of its work.
Commission welcomes ‘One Planet’ ambitions for the Games.
Commission statement on energy conservation and management at Games-time.
Commission statement on London 2012 certification to ISO 20121 and achievement of Global Reporting Initiative level A.
Commission Statement on LOCOG action re Labour Standards.
Sustainable future Games.
Let’s start with the planet first.
Video interview: Shaun McCarthy on the Games, legacy, and corporate ethics.
Commission publishes Pre-Games Report.

Commission statement on mining supply chain for London 2012 medals

Commission statement on food pricing at the Games.
Commissioner Melba Palhazy to be a Torchbearer.
Commission statement on launch of the LLDC Sustainability Guide.
Commission statement on alleged infringements of LOCOG Sustainable Sourcing Code in Indonesia.
Interview with CSL Commissioner Eleni Theodoraki – Impacts and Measuring.
Commission publishes legacy review.
Commission statement on Play Fair report and factory conditions.
Commission publishes sustainable Games preparations review.
Commission statement on ticket-printing contract.
Shaun McCarthy clarifies media inaccuracies re stadium wrap procurement.
Statement in relation to resignation of Meredith Alexander.
Statement in response to article in The Sun (19 January 2012).
Commission full response to Tessa Jowell MP.
Commission statement on the Active Travel Programme.
Commission responds to letter from Tessa Jowell MP.
Commission interim statement on wrap sponsor.
Commission statement on use of Tasmanian timber.
Commission publishes sustainability review of London 2012 merchandise.
Commission statement on BP Target Neutral carbon offset scheme.
BP Target Neutral seeks world record in carbon offset.
Accessibility: an inclusive Games, a better legacy?.
Commission statement on ticketing for London 2012.
CSL Stakeholder Sessions – additional date added.
Commission statement on Low Carbon Energy for the Games.
Commission statement on Stadium Wrap announcement.
Marking One Year to Go until the start of the Olympic Games.
Sustainable packaging for London 2012.
Commission statement on launch of BMW’s London 2012 fleet.
Statement from adidas Group on Greenpeace Investigation.
CSL Stakeholder Sessions: Come along to have your say.
Commission disappointment over failure to achieve low-carbon flame.
IOC statement on air quality in London during the Games.
Commission’s Annual Review 2010 in the media.
Annual Review 2010: Interview with Chair, Shaun McCarthy.

Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 publishes its 2010 Annual Review

Commission’s official statement on press release issued by the ODA on 8 April 2011.
Commission publishes review of inclusion and healthy living.
Commission’s official statement on Olympic Stadium bid process.
Vancouver 2010 Sustainability Report published.
Commission publishes Biodiversity Review.
FCO launches “Going for Green – Britain’s 2012 Dream”.

Applications are now open to be a London 2012 Games Maker

Two Years to Go to the Paralympic Games.
Commission volunteering day.
Two Years to Go.

London Assembly Environment Committee Meeting
Shaun McCarthy commenting on the London 2012 canoe slalom course

Commission Annual Review Meetings.
Commission statement on BP.
Commission publishes Transport Review.

Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 appoints new Commissioners

Commission launches new website.
Commission’s statement on the Olympic Park Wind Turbine.

Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 publishes its 2009 Annual Review

CSL publishes Food Review.
CSL welcomes publication of the London 2012 Carbon Footprint Study.
CSL publishes Waste Review.
CSL publishes its review of LOCOG’s procurement.
New Commissioners.
Commission comments on the London 2012 Sustainability Plan.
Commission publishes Carbon Review.
Annual Review Stakeholder Engagement Programme.
Volunteering on the Greenway.

London 2012 sailing facilities in Weymouth

Commission’s Annual Review in the press.
Commission publishes Annual Review.
Commission reviews ODA procurement.
Commission reviews London 2012 design processes.
Commission reviews skills and employment initiatives.
Commission reviews reporting processes.
We are pleased to announce the appointment of a further eight commissioners.
Commission holds first meeting.
How many more times….?.
They think it’s all over.
Are We All Paralympians Now?.
Inspire a generation – to greater sustainability?.
Move right down inside the cars.
Blind faith.
Paralympics – a great inspiration.
A whiter shade.
Parallel Lines.
The Paralympic Flame: A Homecoming.
Voluntary service.
After the party.
Double gold for sustainable London 2012…?.
The end of the beginning.
My chains fell off….
CSL – our story so far.
Will there be a legacy?.
The best building on the Park….?.
Why doesn’t London want to see Tom Jones for free?.
The future is east.
Olympic sized drought.
Public transport Games?.
Let the Games commence!.
All we are saying….
The world’s first low carbon Olympic cauldron.
Carrying a torch for British business.
Will the Olympic flame light my fire?.
Over the Zil?.
Peach Melba.
Getting to the bottom of sustainability.
Putting the bounce back into the city.
Has the Bam Bam been banned?.
The Dream.
Bullfrog blues.
Big fellow taxi.
Let’s spend the night together.
2012 and beyond.
You spin me right round!.
Streets of fire.
Village People.
Assuring a legacy?.
Supply Chain – the vital link.
Light my fire.
Who will save the world – Wenlock and Mandeville?.
Eton quite full.
No time to waste.

London Prepares: Two Tales of One City

Half a world away.
Conversation killer Queen.

Sustainable London 2012 – the final lap

Field of Dreams.
Live and dangerous.
Low carbon Britain: what can the 2012 Olympics teach us?.
Don’t believe what you read.
Love over gold.
Bicycle race.
They sold me a merry Christmas.
All things must pass.
Take me to the river.
Achtung Baby.
Olympic wind turbine cancelled.
Is there anybody out there?.
London calling.
What a waste.
The man who sold the world.
About building and food.
Days of the future past.
Folk on the water.
After the gold rush.
Catch the wind.
A simple twist of freight.
Stadium rocks.
Psycho Chiller.
Can London 2012 set the agenda for sustainability?.
I can HFC for miles.
Plastic bags, air quality and dog poo.
Beijing’s ‘green’ Games.
Corinthian spirit or corporate junket?.
The cuckoo in Beijing’s nest.
Bottoms up!.
Food glorious food…?.
The Green Olympics?.
The smog blog.
Last Impressions.
Getting around Beijing.
Does the world really need another plastic Big Ben?.
Commission publishes its first review.


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